Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hardwood Floors... I love them. I hate them.

I have a love hate relationship with many things in life. One being my hardwood floors. (I hate carpet too though... I need to live in a hut with dirt floors. That I never need to clean and always look dirty because they are supposed too. That would be awesome... I'm being serious.) 

First. The edges of the slats curve down leaving a great look. But who cares when it gets full of crumbs and crap that are a pain to get out? I literally have to get down on my hands and knees and scrub out the indents. I would  never chose boards like this if I had the choice ever again... (and when your kids ride their hover boards, long boards, or hot wheels semi across them... thud, thud, thud... so irritating... and loud.)

Also, I have several children. Children are rough on hard wood floors. Okay they are rough on everything. But they are really rough on my hardwood. We end up with several gouges like the one seen below regularly...

 photo IMG_0437_zpsvkzrlfsn.jpg

So, I fix them. I can't replace them every time or anytime for that matter. To fix them I filled it with Elmer's Wood Putty in natural.

 photo IMG_0438_zpsqcercibf.jpg
Let it dry completely and stain it to match your floor.
 photo IMG_0450_zpszei5ehrh.jpg
The other reason I hate hardwood floors is because they get dirty so fast. And I have a lot of them. And housework just isn't my favorite thing to do... ( I know I'm complaining a lot... first world problems... I know...) I have found a cleaner I absolutely love. It's Bona.
 photo IMG_0449_zpsw7itzhds.jpg
It leaves my floor looking awesome for .2 seconds before the kids walk on it. This is when I love my hardwood floor. I always clean and mop as soon as no one is home. So I can enjoy the clean floor for a little while because they dirty it so fast... But don't let me fool you, this is like 3 times a year. No joke.
 photo IMG_0447_zpscgbkp5j9.jpg
You can see the huge difference the cleaner makes. The distinct line from dirty to clean in this photo says it all.
 photo IMG_0443_zpsz54wfxjc.jpg
I mean, it's crazy. I love this stuff. Definitely worth the cost and time and effort. I wish I was motivated to do it more often.
 photo IMG_0446_zps4ehti0gu.jpg
And when I am really motivated I use Bona High Gloss Floor Wax. Seriously. This stuff is amazing.
 photo IMG_0454_zpsu1av8555.jpg
It's easy to put down. Simply squirt and spread around with a mop. And by the way this is not a paid review. I didn't even receive free or discounted product for this post. It is just my honest opinion. A product I love.
 photo IMG_0453_zpsshyo5go5.jpg
Who doesn't love a shiny floor? I mean really? It's gorgeous.
 photo IMG_0455_zpsdpj9rq0a.jpg
Maybe in a few years when all the little ones are older and it stays cleaner longer I will do it more often... But probably not... but it seems I have someone that may do it for me... (yeah, right... it's only cool if mom is doing it.)
 photo IMG_0461_zpszquhirgq.jpg
 photo IMG_0464_zpsozlkihn4.jpg
I miss this cute little face... she's running around and a total crazy person now... which I love too... but I had to share this cute little babe... and yes, I took these photo's that long ago... and it's taken me that long to get out of my funk and start blogging again... I hope this cleaner helps make your life a little easier and your home a little cleaner...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Church Bag Idea #1... Laminated Mazes

I have boys. Very busy boys. I also have a daughter. An even busier daughter. I swear they all have 'I can't sit still disorder'... so sitting through 1 hour and 15 minutes of church every Sunday where the 5 of them and my husband have to sit quietly can be pretty close to torture every week.

I went out and purchased a very large bag a few years ago. You know those ones that you swear you will NEVER ever buy, it's kind of like a mini van... you know what I mean, right? Like no way. I will never be that mom that carries around a bag that weighs more than her and is three times her size. Well. Hello! My name is Shannon and I am that mom.

I have a huge bag that I leave the house with and I actually carry it outside the house.

At least on Sundays. So what is inside my bag? In the next few weeks I'm going to share with you. Because I can guarantee I am not the only mom out their trying to come up with ways to entertain her family during Sacrament Meeting.

First Up. Laminated Mazes. I simply searched on google for mazes. Printed them, double sided. Ran them through my laminating machine. Put in a dry erase marker for each kid, because heaven knows they will all want to do one at the same time at some point, so I better have enough pens, and that's it. Slide them all into a large zip-lock and you have entertainment option number one for my church bag.

 photo IMG_6916_zpsjtr8p3mj.jpg

 photo IMG_6918_zpsqy680fto.jpg

 photo 78f2e472-a43f-499e-b03e-1c2d8b3ce70d_zpsajbaawz0.jpg

 photo IMG_6920_zpsuw4p2wca.jpg

 photo IMG_6921_zpsmh7rkpri.jpg


Friday, March 25, 2016

Apothecary Jar... an easy DIY

On the top of my cabinets in my kitchen I have a 2 foot space of emptiness. I have filled it with kitchen platters, baskets, our Grandmothers butter-churn, colorful bowls, etc... I will share these spaces with you in an upcoming blog home tour... but I had a little space that needed something more. I wasn't quite sure what. I knew it needed to be glass to tie in other decorative pieces but I also love a pop of color so I came up with this...

 photo IMG_1374_zps7vtpmdtk.jpg

I'm all about quick and easy projects. That's about all I have the attention span for these days. If you want to make one grab yourself a mason jar with a lid and a ring. Then grab a knob or the end of a curtain rod.

 photo IMG_1359_zpsqzrelklw.jpg

Put the lid on the mason jar and using a nail puncture a hole in the center of the lid.

 photo IMG_1361_zpstjkhyti2.jpg

Place the curtain rod or knob in the hole.

 photo IMG_1363_zpsbvvdowwn.jpg

Secure them together using a nut.

 photo IMG_1362_zps0usskwr4.jpg

Run a line of hot glue around the inside of the lid and the metal rim as well as around the nut to secure in place.

 photo IMG_1373_zpsmgo73o7b.jpg

Screw lid onto jar.

 photo IMG_1365_zpsw49w31i9.jpg

Paint the curtain rod end or knob in your desired color with acrylic paint and then distress with sand paper.

And that's it. Easy does it. Add it to the top of your kitchen cupboard to fill in the perfect empty spot or place it on the end of a floating shelf to tie everything together.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

To the voice that tries to get in my head...

You aren't welcome here anymore because you are wrong.

You can try to convince me to quit. You can try to convince me that nothing is changing and it's not worth it and I'm doing nothing but wasting my precious time... that worldly ways are the way.

But to you I say you are wrong.

I know more. I understand better. I listen carefully. I watch actions. And I have God guiding me. The Spirit resides within me.

And I know... I honestly know.

So to you I say... I'm not listening to you anymore.

Love always wins. True Godly love that only resides within the hearts of men and women who do right, who follow God, who honor covenants, who are respectful, who are moral, who put their family first. They win. That is love. That leads to eternal joy.

It's amazing what I've learned and overcome these last two years... man, sometimes life is rough. But I tell you what. I am not a quitter. I will not be defeated. I will not let Satan win. I stand for truth. And I stand for purity. And I stand for what is right. 

And I have let those go in my life who aren't supportive of those choices and who aren't helping me on my path. Not because I think less of them, or don't have the time for them, or don't wish better for them. But, I have enough trying to pull me down that I can't control that I'm choosing not to surround myself with people who do the same, because that I can control.

And to those I can't control. I can control my response. And you. You aren't getting to me. Because you are WRONG. There is nothing. NOTHING. right about you. Not ONE thing.

To those women who are fighting the same fight as me. Hang in there. It's rough and it's tough, and it's plain exhausting. Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. Keep busy. Keep your mind focused on that which is good. I'm so thankful I have come to know some of these women and have their weekly support. To those women fighting any battle against what God believes, consequences of someone else's choices, or dealing with a loved ones addiction, or all three combined... My heart is with you. I wish you the best. I wish you the strength to stay on the path above and let the others wander about aimlessly below, because we are not worth going down into that midst... Stay strong. We can do this. In the end, it WILL be worth it. We have that guarantee.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Leather Jane Shoes

My latest obsession consists of making leather jane shoes for babies. I can't help it. Look how cute they are...

 photo 20160215_152910_zps0supmpvd.jpg

 photo 20160215_152946_zps2rfbsddr.jpg

 photo 20160215_152952_zpszrmbsqec.jpg

 photo 20160215_152959_zpsrkniamil.jpg

I don't need any around here because this baby factory has locked down it's doors... but I'm thinking of making a pair for my 2 year old baby... I'll let you know how they hold up.

 photo 20160215_105641_zpszpcuxeie.jpg

As far as these pairs, and the 20 others I've made... you can snag them for $9.00 a pair in my etsy store. You're Welcome.