Monday, March 2, 2015

Easter Egg Wreath

If you know me, you know I love a good wreath for my front door. I don't have an Easter wreath yet, and I decided last year that I better fix that problem...

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon13_zpse98397e5.jpg

So I grabbed a metal wreath form and some small plastic eggs. I hot glued the eggs onto the metal wreath form making sure they were all in the same direction.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon1_zpsb0f3e602.jpg

 photo April112014EasterEggWreath_zps2afe4db1.jpg

 photo c3950219-7fec-4fd8-b6df-9162234f415f_zpsabb2504c.jpg

I then flipped the wreath over and hot glued burlap ribbon underneath.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon3_zpsb1f69bf7.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon4_zps4f4ec5e1.jpg

When I turned the wreath back over I could then see the burlap peeping through the eggs.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon5_zps4f379234.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon6_zpse42f0929.jpg

I then turned the wreath back over and hot glued more burlap ribbon around the wreath. I criss-crossed the back back and forth looping burlap ribbon on each side.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon7_zpseb227003.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon8_zps4172f226.jpg

I went around the back of the wreath twice so there was burlap criss-crossed in every direction and hanging over both sides.

 photo 1ea61d9b-0eee-41c2-8c4f-c94c3ccbaa64_zps93b6dae4.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon10_zps375a2d39.jpg

I flipped the wreath back over. I cut squares out of the burlap ribbon. I took all of the corners in my hand and hot glued them together. I then put a dab of hot glue on the corners and stuck it in between the eggs.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon11_zpsae1b31fc.jpg

After I had filled each of the spots I took more burlap ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath securing it in the back with more hot glue.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon12_zps1e0dce88.jpg

I took the start of the burlap ribbon and tied it in a knot with the end. I then left 2-3 inches and tied another knot. This little space in between knots is what I used to hang my wreath.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon13_zpse98397e5.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon14_zps8de955b9.jpg

I'm all about texture and dimension and this fits the bill perfeectly. My Easter Wreath is now complete...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back To School.

Yep, I'm a little late... but that's okay... Mormon Standard Time, Right?
The boys have all started school. It's just Milo and Joese and Me at home... 
As for this big guy... 
 photo IMG_0311_zps38cd3afc.jpg
Well, Brizden started 6th grade. He was so excited. I still can't believe I have a middle school-er. But I have to say. I am just loving him. He is so quirky and quick witted and funny. He is relentless... and he makes our row really irreverent at church... But I just can't get enough of him. He is the best. He loves his brothers and sister. He is a really huge help to me. He is so respectful... I could just go on and on. I am so lucky that he is my son... I couldn't have asked for a better one.
 photo IMG_0312_zpsf2756e59.jpg
(Don't mind the white moth in the background... grrr...)
As for this guy...
 photo IMG_0319_zps02723372.jpg

Well, Rylek is headed into 4th grade. He likes being the oldest at the school now that his brother is gone. He is totally opposite than his older brother. He is emotional, sensitive, and kind hear-ted. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He thinks about other peoples feelings and easily gets his feelings hurt. He's figuring himself out and taking his own sweet time... (He's in the stage I HATE...) I love him to death. I love that he kisses me every morning and night. He is also a very kind brother to his younger siblings. He is such a huge help. The first to jump up and do what I ask. The last to leave from helping. He's such a fun boy to be around when he's got a smile on his face.

 photo IMG_0322_zpsa80cb1ab.jpg

(don't mind the closed eyes. I should have taken more than one shot. I didn't...)

As for this guy...

 photo IMG_0316_zps53f7492a.jpg

Ledger is in 2nd grade. He is well... sigh... (how do I have two kids in obnoxious stages... scratch that three... I'm beginning to think that spacing your kids every two years is a bad idea... you hit 2, 8, 10 all at once... ugh...) He is very stubborn. He wants what he wants and he doesn't stop until he's got it. He is a perfectionist. He is very passionate. He doesn't want to help do anything, and he doesn't want to go anywhere. He just wants to stay home... He loves to be outside and playing with his friends. He has brown eyes that suck his dad in. It doesn't really work for me... He's a pain in my rear right now... let's be real... but he's cute. He loves to cuddle up with me. He is easily won over by treats or electronics.... He has a spunk that will rock your world.

 photo IMG_0321_zpsbed0b189.jpg

I am so luck to be the mom of these three boys. Even though they are at very tough stages (what stage isn't) I love them more than anything. I think they are each so amazing and so awesome. They really are so good to me and to each other. We have our moments, but what family doesn't...

 photo IMG_0315_zpsb9d1e57e.jpg
I couldn't ask for more... My life is blessed. I mean come on? Aren't these three just totally awesome? Yes, yes they are. And I'm their mom. Lucky  me.

And because it's back to school it means school lunches... for my creative ideas and to hear how much I love Capri Sun go here...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bulletin Boards For My Children's Rooms...

In all three of the kids rooms I made large bulletin boards. This way they can hang whatever they desire and there isn't tape on the walls or holes in the walls.

I ordered a huge roll of cork from Amazon. Make sure you get thick cork so it holds up (at least 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch is ideal), none of this thin crap you can get at local craft stores. The roll I ordered I was able to make three 4 foot by 8 foot boards.

I rolled this cork out across all of my floor. And layed the three boards out on top. I then cut in between each sheet with scissors to make it easier to work with.

 photo IMG_8018_zps0c3c8698.jpg

I then painted on the cement adhesive to the wood. I then leaned it against the wall and painted the cement onto the cork.

 photo IMG_8232_zpsf2604b7f.jpg

 photo IMG_8233_zpsd2a497a0.jpg

Once the cement is painted onto the wood and onto the cork and it has dried the amount of time it says on the can I put the board back on top of the cork. I put books down on the corners to keep the cork from wanting to roll back up and separate from the board.

 photo IMG_8234_zpsea9e9080.jpg

Let dry completely. I left mine over night.

 photo IMG_8235_zps667376dd.jpg

Then take a razor blade and cut off the excess. Don't use scissors it kind of shreds the edge. The razor gives it a nice clean cut... I laid the boards on top of each other so I didn't cut the floor as well. It doesn't matter if you leave scratches on the back of the boards.

 photo IMG_8236_zps709cf8d6.jpg

And then you have a nice clean board. (This is the back side)

 photo IMG_8020_zps0dc3c244.jpg

I then took my board and nailed it to the wall around the outer edges using a nail gun.
I then took molding pieces and surrounded the edge of the board with them.

 photo March282014BulletinBoard2_zpsebb38bf7.jpg

I then caulked the edges of the board against the wall and against the bulletin board to give it a finished look.

And then I painted the molding. And that's it... Fill the boards with posters, art work, cards, etc... the possibilities are endless...

 photo IMG_8415_zpsb5e8dfdb.jpg

It's so fun to see what the boys pin up on their boards and how they rearrange it. It's their own space but it still is in control and doesn't drive me bonkers because it's in it's spot and it looks great.

Let me know if you give it a try or how you organize your children's photo's, posters, and things...


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm a little irrational some times...

I fly by the seat of my pants. I don't like things scheduled. I don't like being told where to be and when. I like to wake up and think, yep. Let's go to Disneyland today. Or yep. Let's go buy a new house. Or yep. Let's move two states away and go to grad school, in three days.

That's a little bit how I am. It kind of drives my husband nuts. But that's who I am.

And I sort of like it. Spontaneous. That's the right word. That's what I am.

So... Monday I decided to stop drinking soda. Woke up and thought. Yep. Today is the day.

Well, one week later. And I haven't had a sip. For me this is huge. I will freely admit I was addicted to caffeine... you know, like 2 20 oz bottles of cherry coke a day...

 photo IMG_0332_zps27c0da0e.jpg

Well my little purple water bottle has been my side kick... 

And I can now say I don't think I'll ever have it again. My stomach isn't bloated, still fluffy from babies but not bloated. My face has cleared up drastically.  No more 14 year old zit chin. And I sleep at night. I know, it's the weirdest thing... I have never been a good sleeper but I never linked it to my caffeine drinking... well... I sleep. 

And I feel so much better during the day... plus I think I'm amazing because I did it. I did it. I don't drink soda. I am now one of them:)...

Hopefully one day soon I'll wake up and think... Today is the day. I'm gonna start cleaning my house spotless... or Today is the day. I'm gonna start running...

I can hope, right? How many of you are spontaneous and what have you just done on a whim? Please tell me I'm not the only irrational crazy one.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Little Turkey Skipped The Table...

Instead he made it to the door. I made this Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath last year for Thanksgiving... And well... life happened... and now that it's February I am getting around to posting it... but I'll keep it in my drafts and post it... oh around September... So Happy September from February!
That means you have a good head start to make one for this next year! Thanksgiving is a few months away!
 photo IMG_6805_zps4f2f6a1a.jpg
Isn't he just the cutest? I think so. However I did have a friend ask if it was my white elephant gift for our Ugly Sweater party... so on that note... let's get started...
I started using a foam wreath form...
 photo IMG_6768_zpsed6d7cf9.jpg
I found this really cool gold shimmery dance-wear fabric at Joanne's... It shines red and yellow in the light... Perfect for turkey feathers and Thanksgiving... I cut it into strips. I then took one strip and tied it around the wreath form into a double knot.
 photo IMG_6769_zpse640c09b.jpg
I kept adding strip after strip and slid them together tightly as I went around.
 photo IMG_6770_zps8da1b08a.jpg
I kept doing this until I filled up the entire wreath. I then took a thin piece of board and cut it into a turkey head shape. Keep the bottom part flat.
 photo IMG_6780_zpsdee9c330.jpg
I then took the wood piece and hot glued row after row of lace. Each row is different length giving it dimension and texture... Tuck the edges of the lace underneath the wood piece and hot glue them to the back.
 photo IMG_6781_zps2125b885.jpg
Now I grabbed rope and cut nine pieces that are about 15 inches long.
 photo IMG_6782_zps6b5029e8.jpg
And then I tied a knot three inches up from the end.
 photo IMG_6783_zps884b9b5d.jpg
Now I took the small ends and using three ropes at a time I braided them and then tied them in a knot at the end.
 photo IMG_6784_zps4cc051a9.jpg
 photo IMG_6785_zps2da9ca0f.jpg
 photo IMG_6786_zps2cb3a4cb.jpg
I then took the long edge and I braided it.
 photo IMG_6787_zpsc4f1c36c.jpg
I then cut the end straight across and hot glued the ropes together to secure the braid.
 photo IMG_6788_zpsee1e53a4.jpg
I repeated this to create the other leg and then I lifted a layer of the lace from the wood body and I hot glued them down.
 photo IMG_6789_zpsb46e706d.jpg
I then used a whole lot of hot glue and attached the entire lace covered wood piece to the wreath.
 photo IMG_6790_zps79c72049.jpg
I then cut a whole schlew of rope that were about 5 inches in length give or take.
 photo IMG_6791_zps41d48487.jpg
I tied a knot in the center. I cut the ends off close to the knot on one edge and I left the other edge raggedy.
 photo IMG_6792_zps5aadb698.jpg
I took the clean cut end and hot glued it to the wood piece where the nose would go.
 photo IMG_6793_zpsb515e456.jpg

 photo IMG_6794_zps1887b6be.jpg

I then found two black and gold buttons and hot glued them above the nose to create the Turkey's eyes.

 photo IMG_6795_zps09a8e9cc.jpg
I then took a piece of red ribbon. The ribbon was 2.5 inches wide by 7 inches long.
 photo IMG_6796_zps5f6ea44c.jpg
I then tied one end of it into a knot.
 photo IMG_6797_zpsd0fb3538.jpg
I twisted the opposite end of the ribbon and hot glued it around the rope beak created a gobble.
 photo IMG_6798_zps6e7e37ac.jpg
 photo IMG_6799_zps57a3037a.jpg
And that's it my friends. That's it... Hold your turkey up in the sunshine and say AHHH HAAAA....
 photo IMG_6800_zpsa78e9ef9.jpg
 photo IMG_6801_zps88df5e37.jpg
I then grabbed rope and hung it around the wood piece up on the top and strung it back through the back of the wreath and tied it in a knot... So I could hang it on my door... Booyah.
 photo IMG_6802_zpsf8cf44ba.jpg
 photo IMG_6803_zps55ab165f.jpg
 photo IMG_6804_zps6e071909.jpg
Now go on... You, go ahead and make your turkey! But I want to know... Do you like it... or do you agree with my friend and put this in a White Elephant Gift category... I'll promise not to cry to hard if that's where you place it.
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