Saturday, April 19, 2014

All my boys and their help...

Since we have moved into our new home in October of last year, let's get real here, our garage has been stuffed full of crap. Yard crap, car crap, my craft crap, holiday decor crap, winter clothes crap, clothes that don't currently fit any of our boys crap, wood, and just crap. So my super awesome boys all helped the Big Boy and made me some hanging garage shelves, wood shelves, and found some free cabinets and installed them. It's amazing. Now everything has a place and it's so nice and clean, and my car can fit in the garage. Imagine that.
Here are three of the boys helping out.
Garage Shelves One  
Garage Shelves Two

Boy #2 learned how to use a chop saw. It got to the point where  The Big Boy gave him a measurement he took a 2X4 to the chop saw and cut the wood to size and handed it back up. Oh the things my boys are allowed to do... I live in a World of Boys I tell ya...
Garage Shelves Three  
And Boy #3 became a master hammerer. His job was to hammer whatever was in sight. Whether he was actually doing work, or thought he was, it kept him entertained.
Garage Shelves Four  
 So here is the before picture. And this actually isn't really a total before picture, I kind of cheated. We had cabinets shoved in here too, but in these photo's we have them hung. And we have two rows of shelves already up. (The cabinets came from a coworker of my husbands kitchen. They are fantastic, just what we needed for the garage and laundry room, I will be refinishing those in the next little while and will post about it!)
Garage Shelves Seven  
Garage Shelves Eight  
Garage Shelves Nine  
Garage Shelves Five  
Garage Shelves Six  
And here it is completed with a row of hanging shelves for holiday decor. And a row of hanging shelves for camping/hiking/sports/summer/spring gear. Metal shelves for tools and household stuff. Wood Cabinets for lawn tools and chemicals. Wood shelves for craft crap and food storage... We added hooks to the ceiling for our Thule case, sleeping bags and also our bikes that aren't used regularly. Which leaves just enough room on the ground for the bikes we use, buckets of toys and sports gear, our lawn mower, our treadmill and a mat to work out on. We also have a deep freezer coming today that will fit in front of the treadmill against the wall. And our car fits. Yes, our great big Tahoe still fits inside. 
 photo IMG_8082_zpsd55a81b2.jpg
 photo IMG_8083_zpsd0ab8039.jpg
 photo IMG_8084_zps16eb9afa.jpg
 photo IMG_8085_zpsdbab9290.jpg
 photo IMG_8086_zpsa3542a0d.jpg
 photo IMG_8088_zpsf35561bc.jpg
It's amazing how much you can fit into one space when you have to. We have no storage room, no closets anywhere, no office or extra bedrooms... the garage is our only space so we have to have it organized to make it functional and to fit everything we need it to fit.
Where do you store all your crap? Assuming I'm not the only one with lots of crap to store. Or maybe you are lucky and live in Utah or Idaho where people have storage rooms, unfinished basements, three car garages and enough bedrooms to have an office and craft room... sigh... homes up here are just not like that... I didn't realize how spoiled I was when I lived where they were a common thing...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My baby is Two Months...

I can't even believe how fast it has gone. Our foster baby, Joese, is already two months. We are loving on her more and more everyday. She is such a joy in our lives and we all just adore her...
 photo IMG_8091_zpsa6fb7b04.jpg
 photo IMG_8195_zps46fc92ef.jpg
 photo IMG_8186_zps63c89f40.jpg
 photo IMG_8181_zpsf17910d6.jpg
 photo IMG_8168_zps2fe40ae7.jpg
 photo IMG_8161_zps003970cf.jpg
 photo IMG_8158_zpsa7894449.jpg
 photo IMG_8147_zps8f9edf36.jpg
 photo IMG_8141_zps481046e5.jpg
 photo IMG_8136_zps184e77bc.jpg
 photo IMG_8133_zps10ca7d57.jpg
 photo IMG_8104_zpsefc20650.jpg
 photo IMG_8095_zps0ee7f900.jpg
Clearly I'm having alot of fun dressing her up and painting her nails... That being said. I am almost done with her bedroom and I can't wait to share all the stuff I'm been trying to get done in between the snuggling of my two babies... it's hard work over here with two to love on all day...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Foster Baby is 1 Month

I can't believe it's been a month already... now it's been like 1.75 months. Time goes by so fast. We have LOVED having baby Josie in our home. She has brought so much joy to our lives... and she's beautiful... and I am not biased... because after all. I didn't make her:) I've just been blessed with her. And she is beautiful...

 photo IMG_7704_zpsfdf49c8e.jpg
 photo IMG_7711_zpsa938150d.jpg
 photo IMG_7715_zps5ea017d2.jpg
 photo IMG_7721_zps1a0ece36.jpg
 photo IMG_7739_zpsd754423b.jpg

Even big brother (who is still my baby) keeps sneaking in lots of kisses... babies kissing babies... gotta love those open mouth kisses...
 photo IMG_7754_zps8067172f.jpg
 photo IMG_7755_zps5a7a201a.jpg
 photo IMG_7756_zps18c0fb20.jpg
 photo IMG_7757_zps1a21b5ff.jpg
 photo IMG_7758_zps4256a422.jpg
 photo IMG_7759_zpse911df00.jpg

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Master Bedroom Wood Planked Wall

I'm still working on decorating my home. It goes one room at a time... More like one project at a time. I've got almost all of the rooms 80% done. It's my goal by the end of this Summer to have my entire house done. Think I can do it? I hope so.

 photo IMG_3892_zpsdebdc6ae.jpg

 photo IMG_3891_zps0337b3e5.jpg

I new I wanted to do a wood planked wall in our bedroom. I new I didn't want to use pallets. Those thing are a pain in the rear to take apart. My husband text me from work one day with a link on Craigslist to a lady who was selling her old fence. Perfect. $50.00 and I got a whole lot of wood... When we picked it up I was worried it wasn't enough. Well, I didn't even use half of it.

 photo 20140206_095957_zps36b3e694.jpg

To prepare the wood I cut the ends straight using my chop saw. And then I got my palm sander and sanded all the surfaces to shake up any loose dirt and moss that was growing. I didn't sand too much because I didn't want to lose the grey weathered look. I then took a hard scrub brush, the kind you scrub your floors with, and scrubbed down each board. I then vacuumed them with my brush attachment to remove any extra dirt.

I grabbed my air compressor and nail gun and started putting up boards. I made sure none of the ends lined up in rows. It's very important to stagger the seams or it looks silly.

 photo 20140205_191739_zps34c77bdb.jpg

 photo 20140205_191658_zpsdcd4fc5e.jpg

I was lucky and the boards ended up fitting perfectly from floor to ceiling. If not I would have had to trim a row down. It is also important to know that if your wood is wet at all, like mine was it will continue shrinking. My wood was perfectly tight when I put it on and now there are some small spaces in-between some of the boards. It's okay, because old is the look I was going for. If you don't want spaces you need to leave your boards out to dry for a few weeks in the same room you will be putting them up in so they adjust to the climate in that space.
Once I had my wall covered in wood I completely sealed it in Polycrylic. I don't use Polyurethane, I don't like the yellow tint it has to it. I put on two coats. This did darken the wood a tad and brought out the browns in the wood.

I love the end result. The wall did smell for a few days until it adjusted and completely dried. Now there is no scent at all. Just a beautiful accent wall in my Master Bedroom.

 photo 20140208_142217_zps5626dc7f.jpg

 photo 20140208_142211_zps872070ce.jpg

 photo 20140208_142202_zps409cc7ae.jpg

Stick with me the next few weeks and throughout the rest of the Summer. I have lots of home decor projects to share... and of course baby Girl projects!!!

I think it's safe to say I've found my blogging/momma/crafting mojo... I think I've mastered my new balancing act!!! And I feel great, and I'm getting alot done. Thank goodness for that! I'm still really slow at getting back to emails... so If you've sent me a question I'm working on it:). Don't give up on me yet. I will also be redoing some of my tutorials... the ones that I get lots of emails about to make them more clear... (oddly enough, they are some of my early tutorials... the swaddle wrap, the pettiskirts...etc...)
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