Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Little Turkey Skipped The Table...

Instead he made it to the door. I made this Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath last year for Thanksgiving... And well... life happened... and now that it's February I am getting around to posting it... but I'll keep it in my drafts and post it... oh around September... So Happy September from February!
That means you have a good head start to make one for this next year! Thanksgiving is a few months away!
 photo IMG_6805_zps4f2f6a1a.jpg
Isn't he just the cutest? I think so. However I did have a friend ask if it was my white elephant gift for our Ugly Sweater party... so on that note... let's get started...
I started using a foam wreath form...
 photo IMG_6768_zpsed6d7cf9.jpg
I found this really cool gold shimmery dance-wear fabric at Joanne's... It shines red and yellow in the light... Perfect for turkey feathers and Thanksgiving... I cut it into strips. I then took one strip and tied it around the wreath form into a double knot.
 photo IMG_6769_zpse640c09b.jpg
I kept adding strip after strip and slid them together tightly as I went around.
 photo IMG_6770_zps8da1b08a.jpg
I kept doing this until I filled up the entire wreath. I then took a thin piece of board and cut it into a turkey head shape. Keep the bottom part flat.
 photo IMG_6780_zpsdee9c330.jpg
I then took the wood piece and hot glued row after row of lace. Each row is different length giving it dimension and texture... Tuck the edges of the lace underneath the wood piece and hot glue them to the back.
 photo IMG_6781_zps2125b885.jpg
Now I grabbed rope and cut nine pieces that are about 15 inches long.
 photo IMG_6782_zps6b5029e8.jpg
And then I tied a knot three inches up from the end.
 photo IMG_6783_zps884b9b5d.jpg
Now I took the small ends and using three ropes at a time I braided them and then tied them in a knot at the end.
 photo IMG_6784_zps4cc051a9.jpg
 photo IMG_6785_zps2da9ca0f.jpg
 photo IMG_6786_zps2cb3a4cb.jpg
I then took the long edge and I braided it.
 photo IMG_6787_zpsc4f1c36c.jpg
I then cut the end straight across and hot glued the ropes together to secure the braid.
 photo IMG_6788_zpsee1e53a4.jpg
I repeated this to create the other leg and then I lifted a layer of the lace from the wood body and I hot glued them down.
 photo IMG_6789_zpsb46e706d.jpg
I then used a whole lot of hot glue and attached the entire lace covered wood piece to the wreath.
 photo IMG_6790_zps79c72049.jpg
I then cut a whole schlew of rope that were about 5 inches in length give or take.
 photo IMG_6791_zps41d48487.jpg
I tied a knot in the center. I cut the ends off close to the knot on one edge and I left the other edge raggedy.
 photo IMG_6792_zps5aadb698.jpg
I took the clean cut end and hot glued it to the wood piece where the nose would go.
 photo IMG_6793_zpsb515e456.jpg

 photo IMG_6794_zps1887b6be.jpg

I then found two black and gold buttons and hot glued them above the nose to create the Turkey's eyes.

 photo IMG_6795_zps09a8e9cc.jpg
I then took a piece of red ribbon. The ribbon was 2.5 inches wide by 7 inches long.
 photo IMG_6796_zps5f6ea44c.jpg
I then tied one end of it into a knot.
 photo IMG_6797_zpsd0fb3538.jpg
I twisted the opposite end of the ribbon and hot glued it around the rope beak created a gobble.
 photo IMG_6798_zps6e7e37ac.jpg
 photo IMG_6799_zps57a3037a.jpg
And that's it my friends. That's it... Hold your turkey up in the sunshine and say AHHH HAAAA....
 photo IMG_6800_zpsa78e9ef9.jpg
 photo IMG_6801_zps88df5e37.jpg
I then grabbed rope and hung it around the wood piece up on the top and strung it back through the back of the wreath and tied it in a knot... So I could hang it on my door... Booyah.
 photo IMG_6802_zpsf8cf44ba.jpg
 photo IMG_6803_zps55ab165f.jpg
 photo IMG_6804_zps6e071909.jpg
Now go on... You, go ahead and make your turkey! But I want to know... Do you like it... or do you agree with my friend and put this in a White Elephant Gift category... I'll promise not to cry to hard if that's where you place it.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Creative Healthy Lunch Ideas... Plus I am a Capri Sun Mom, are you?

I have five children. What? I know, sometimes I think I'm losing it too. I have an older set of three boys and then two younger tag-alongs that keep me on my toes. At my house it's always busy. We always have somewhere to be and somewhere to go.

The hardest thing for me are lunches. Lunches during the school year can get so boring. The same old. Bologna Sandwich, Carrot Sticks, Chips, Fruit Snacks, and Juice. Every single day. Not only boring they usually end up being super unhealthy at our house. Especially during the Summer when we are lounging around the house or running from one place to another.

This fall I'm determined to spend less and eat healthier. A hard feat in itself. It seems like the healthier the food the more expensive the price tag. And well, We feed six people at our home. It's a battle to keep that grocery budget under $400-$500 every month. And with five of those children being growing boys... the amount keeps creeping up.

I've been brain storming ideas. And thought I would share them with you today, just in time to get a good jump start during football season and with school just around the corner. Thinking ahead allows us more family time which we crave around our house.

  • A Bite Size Meal. Anything is more fun when you can eat it with a tooth pick. Pack a toothpick or two inside their lunch. Cut everything up into little squares. Cheese, Veges and Fruit, Cubed Meat, and  a Capri Sun Roarin' Waters Flavored Water Beverage.
  • Bento Box Style. It's all about the presentation. Cut out the made sandwiches with a cookie cutter or two. Make little fruit kabobs, throw in a lowfat pudding cup and add a  Capri Sun 100% Juice.
  • Build Your Own Sandwich. Place Whole Wheat Veggie Crackers, Meat Rounds, and Cheese Squares in a container for them to create their own mini sandwiches. On the side have some fresh berries and broccoli florets. Top it off with a Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink .
  • Dip, Dip, Dip. Kids love to dip. Have pita bread pieces and hummus, Fruit and yogurt, Celery and Peanut Butter, and Wafer Cookies and Frosting. Paired with a Capri Sun Original.

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire others to get more creative in the lunch box. To help stop those boring old school lunches and try to sneak in a few more healthier options for our growing children.

And I know someone is thinking why Capri Sun Drinks every day? 

 photo IMG_9935_zpsbd43d630.jpg

Well, We absolutely LOVE Capri Sun Juice Drinks at our house. There are so many flavors and varieties to choose from, it never gets old.  The Capri Sun Roarin' Waters Flavored Water Beverage is by far the favorite at my house. Perfectly flavored and not too sweet. It is a fruit flavored water that has no artificial colors or flavoring and is low calories. The 100% Juice is a close second with its incredible all natural juice. They are all natural and contain 100% juice. And close behind them is the Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink* (which is actually my favorite kind), not too sweet, just right, and with one combined full serving of fruit and veggie and are a good source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E. You really can't go wrong with any of the varieties or flavors. We haven't had one we haven't liked.

 photo IMG_9937_zps8e59c5fd.jpg

And you can't go wrong with Capri Sun. It's a perfect choice for moms like me who want to give their children (and the neighbor children who frequently visit) the choice of something that not only tastes good but is also good for them. Capri Sun Juice Drinks have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. That's huge! And now they have a new clear bottom so you can check it out for yourself!

 photo IMG_0063_zpsea1c0985.jpg

Just flip that drink pouch right over. You can see all the way through. You can make sure there isn't anything suspicious floating around in your child's drink. No grainy settlement. No artificial colors. Just yummy liquid ready to devour. 

 photo IMG_0057_zps33b04248.jpg

And speaking of juice pouch. I love that Capri Sun is so portable and convenient. When we are on the go I can grab some Capri Sun drinks and throw them in my purse with the rest of the garb. 
When the kids and I are ready for them, we simply pop in the straw and sip. And when we are finished it so much easier to stack a pile of Capri Sun pouches back into my purse until we reach a garbage can that it is any bottle or box. The packaging really is ideal.

 photo IMG_0064_zps7b605f02.jpg

Head on over and check it out for yourself. You can find more information on Capri Sun Facebook Page or if you are Facebook free, like me visit Capri Sun. It won't be long before you head out to the store to pick up some Capri Sun Juice Drinks with the clear bottoms! Trust me. You'll even find yourself sneaking one for a refreshing drink.

 photo IMG_0062_zpse603822a.jpg

*Each pouch provides ½ cup fruit and vegetable juice, which is one combined serving of fruits and vegetables according to the U.S Dietary Guidelines (3/4 from fruit juice and ¼ from vegetable juice). Be sure to make most of your fruits and vegetables whole fruits and vegetables.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

No Sew Grocery Tote

This is another craft option that I had available for my Fabulous Friday Craft Day at my church.
It's easy to complete and up here in Washington where our county just put on a ban from single use bags (PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS) these are a hot commodity.

I always forget mine in the car without fail so I load the groceries into the cart when I am getting them. Then I load them onto the belt when I get to the checkout. Then the cashier or bagger loads them back into the shopping cart. Then I load the groceries into the bags when I get to my car. I swear. This is the dumbest ban ever... Oh Washington... I love you... but really...

 photo IMG_0197_zpsbba44b7b.jpg

It's very important to let the crafters know that this bag will not be machine washable. If you have sewing machines available you could always so the finished edge. But in my experience the machines usually end up broken accidentally. And my machine is worth more to me than that chance. So this is a great alternative.

Grab yourself a pillow case, scissors and some fabric glue. Lay your pillow case flat.

 photo IMG_0191_zps16a29776.jpg

Cut out the shape you see below in the photo's. You cut the end of the pillow case that has the opening. And you essentially cut two rectangles from the sides, with the inner corner being rounded.

 photo IMG_0192_zps8df2a6f7.jpg

The top of the handle piece will have a hemmed edge from the finished edge of the pillowcase. Unpick this which will extend the handle a good 4-5 inches.

 photo IMG_0193_zps46f2ac6b.jpg

Now you can take the glue of your choice, (hot glue, or fabric glue) and turn under the outer edges that you cut in and secure with glue.

 photo IMG_0194_zpsb37340d5.jpg

When you get to the end of the handles, continue going around them making the corners wrap around like you wrap a present.

 photo IMG_0195_zpsfc440f1b.jpg

Then take the two ends of the handles and tie into a cute little bow.

 photo IMG_0196_zps5f63ee5d.jpg

And that's it. You have yourself a cute little resuable no sew tote.

 photo IMG_0197_zpsbba44b7b.jpg

Stay tuned for the versions I will have available in my etsy shop and at the local craft show I am doing in November.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

On a Happier Note... I bring you a craft...

Even though I've been struggling I've been getting alot of crafting and home decorating in. Along with alot of loving and playing with my kids. Which, is the most important thing to me right now in this stage of my life. It's going fast... I can't stop blinking...

I am in charge of a huge craft day at my church that is often referred to as Super Saturday or Fabulous Friday. These are crafts that we provide the supplies for and we partially prep. You sign up, pay for the cost of the craft, and come that day to complete the item. It's so much fun and I've had so much fun preparing for it. Despite my house being a mess in return... This is actually the 2nd one I have been in charge of and the 4th one I've helped on the committee with.

This is one of the craft options available, and a great idea for anyone else out there in charge of their craft day or any group of friends that want to get together and craft.

 photo ChalkboardHoop_zps66d9d439.jpg

embroidery hoop

Take your embroidery hoop and separate it.

 photo IMG_0170_zps6a01a6f6.jpg

Take the inside hoop and lay it on your chalkcloth. Trace the inside of your hoop.

 photo IMG_0171_zps1a313b53.jpg

Cut it out 1 inch larger than the line you traced. I have precut all the chalkcloth circles for the craft day to save time and wasted chalkcloth.

 photo IMG_0172_zpscc738d7c.jpg

Sandwich the chalkcloth inbetween the two embroidery hoops.

 photo IMG_0173_zps9ed7bf28.jpg

It's hard to push it in because it's thick and stiff. But you can do it. Just slowly manipulate the two hoops back together and tighten the screw.

 photo IMG_0174_zps7dcd1bfa.jpg

Turn the hoop over with the chalkcloth in it and hot glue the excess chalkcloth to the back of the hoop. This will also secure the two hoops together so they won't just pop apart.

 photo IMG_0167_zps83a0fbc7.jpg

Turn your hoop back over.

 photo IMG_0166_zpsd9a8f47c.jpg

Grab a piece of chalk, lay it on it's side and rub it over the chalkcloth. This prepares it to be written on. (To be honest, I don't know why you are supposed to do this... but every chalkboard tells you to, so I do...)

 photo IMG_0169_zpsc851c23c.jpg

Then take some rope or jute and tie a bow on the screw to use to hang.

 photo IMG_0168_zps4045640b.jpg

And that's it. You are done. Easy, Quick, and Cute.

 photo IMG_0235_zpsf1ff8663.jpg

Stay tuned for the other varieties I have completed that will be in my etsy shop soon and at the local craft show I am participating in in November.
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