Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Changing Your Long Sleeve Shirt into a T-Shirt

My husband came home with a shirt he couldn't pass up. The only problem was that it was long sleeve and he wanted in short sleeve. So here is a tutorial for you on how to change your long sleeve shirt into a t-shirt. Thans for the challange babe!
Lay out your long sleeve shirt so the sleeves are pulled all the way out and both layers of fabric are pulled with out bunches.

Line up the seams under the armpit on both shirts.

Place a pin at the edge of the t-shirt sleeve onto the long sleeve shirt.

Place tone pin at the top of the long sleeve shirt. These I will refer to as marking pins.

Put one more pin on each side about 1 1/4 inches below the marking pins. Repeat with second sleeve.

Cut the sleeve off slightly below the bottom set of pins.

You can now remove the bottom pins but leave in the marking pins.

Make sure the pin is only through one layer of the t-shirt. There should be two pins in each sleeve. One on each side of the sleeve.

Turn the t-shirt inside out, carefully because the mraking pins are still in.

Take one sleeve and fold the cut edge up around the sleeve until the marking pins are on the edge of the fold.

Place a pin about 1/4 of an inch above the marking pin.
Do the same with the other marking pin.

Remove the marking pin once you have pinned all around the sleeve.
Pull the sleeve and pin around the entire bottom.

Fold under the cut part of the sleeve and fold under. Pin down. You want this to be no more than one inch thick, but no less than one half inch thick.

Pin along the entire upper edge of sleeve.
This is what the inside looks like with the double pins. Repeat with other sleeve.
Both of your sleeves are cut and pinned.
Sew your first line by putting the edge of the hem half way under the presser foot. You don't want to sew with it on the the edge. Look at picture for example, while you sew remember to slightly pull on the fabric so the thread will sctretch with it and not snap.
Remove the pins.
Sew the second line by keeping your already sewn line on the outside edge of your presser foot. Repeat with other sleeve.
Turn the shirt back right side out. This is what the hem looks like that you just sewed.
And there you have it a t-shirt!
(don't mind the husbands goofy face. He wasn't thrilled to be the model of his t-shirt.)


  1. Thanks for posting that, Derek has so many shirts that he doen't like because they have long sleeves. I think I will be getting out the sewing machine.

  2. Good job! I do this a lot for my son. People bought him winter items in 3-6M, but he was born in Feb, so 3-6 months is mid-May to mid-Aug (when he needs summer outfits!)

  3. haha my husband has that shirt! I'll see if he wants to turn it into a short sleeve!

  4. Very detailed and with great pictures! You rock! Thanks

  5. My first sewing machine and my first attempt at turning a shirt from long to short. Your explanation is very handy, so thanks for that! I might just write after I'm done it all to say how it turned out! ^_^


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