Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Slip Headband Tutorial

This one is for my fabulous sister in law Kristen, however I am sure you could all use it. Remember my tutorials are for personal use only. You cannot make and sell these items. That is what I do. You can purchase them here. However you can make them for your own personal use if you like! You can view my copyright at the bottom of this page!
5 sticky velcro dots, the hard side.
matching ribbon that is 1/2 or 1/4 inch wide.
double sided adhesive interfacing, the thickest one you can purchase.
2 color of cordinating ribbon, 16 inches each.
fray check, hot glue, or a flame.
You will need your scissors, your iron, and your sewing machine.
Cut your interfacing so it is slightly smaller than your ribbon.

Trim the corners off of both of the sides of the interfacing.
Take your thin ribbon and cut one 2 inch piece and one 26 inch piece. Take your 2 inch piece of ribbon and iron it.

Take your two pieces of 16 inch ribbon and iron them.
Take your 2 inch ribbon and fold it in half. Place the interfacing piece inbetween the ends.

Sew into place using a zig zag stitch.

Take your 26 inch piece and cut the edges into an angle. Treat the ends of the ribbon by either burning, heat setting, using glue, or using a fray treatment.
Fold in half so one side is 5 inches longer than the other and sew onto the other end of the interfacing using a zig zag stitch.
Take one of your 12 inch pieces of ribbon and iron under the edge just barely.
Iron under the corner.
Iron under the other corner. And repeat the last three steps on the other end of the ribbon.
When you place the interfacing on the ribbon it should look like this.
Put interfacing down on the irnoning board and place ribbon on top. Iron down.
Repeat with the other color of ribbon.
Turn interfacing and attached ribbon over and put this ribbon on the top and iron on to the interfacing.
Take to your sewing machine and sew right along the edge all the way around. Make sure not to catch the ribbons hanging out of either end.
Turn over and place five sticky velcro circle like this.

And there you have it. One infant headband.

To tie it you place on your head and take the longer ribbon through the loop and tie into place in the center of your neck.

And here is a side view.

You can now slide it off and next time you want to use it slide it right back on. The velcro circles help it stay in place on your head. And it's so light weight you'll forget you are even wearing it!
This size fits infants up to children.
Aren't they just adorable. They work great on either an updo or a down do. And they are much cuter on your little girl than on my sons.
And the best part? They are machine washable.

You want to make one for your tween.

Okay...Follow the lengths and the directions above, the only change is the two ribbon pieces are 14 inches long instead of 12 inches.

Of course you do, Of course you want to make one for yourself.Follow the lengths and the directions above except for the tie ribbon is 22 inches instead of 26 inches and the 2 ribbons are 20 inches long. The only difference in directions is to only use 4 velcro dots instead of five because you probably want some volume at the top and don't want that dot interfering. Place like the picture below.

I hope you enjoy! Remember this tutorial is for PERSONAL use only. You cannot make and sell these. If you would like to purchase them please visit my shop. Thanks!


  1. ARgh! I tied to post a comment and Blogger is being weird. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing this tutorial, I'm really excited to try it.

  2. These are beautiful headbands. I love the idea of using the velcro to help it stay in place! Thanks so much!

  3. What a wonderful tutorial! Great job!
    I'll be linking you on my blog!

  4. I love the adjustable ribbon idea!

  5. Very cute. Yes, I do want one, even though I have short hair! Your son is a good sport. :)


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