Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to make a TUTU

You will need:
scissors or rotary cutter
elastic, enough to fit around the waist of the person you are making it for
sewing machine
toille (1 yard of two colors for a light tutu, 1.5 yards of two colors for a medium tutu, 2 yards of 2 colors for a full tutu, or 3 yards of 3 colors for a full tutu.)
Step One. Cut your elastic to fit around the waist of the person you are making it for. The elastic should be 1/2 thick and non-roll.
Step Two. Take the two open ends and sew them together with a zig zag stitch. Put one end on the other end and zig zag over and over. I backstitch about three times. And this needs to be a zig zag stitch so it doesn't break when it is stretched.
Step Three. Take the elastic in both of your hands and really pull to make sure you have sewn it enough times. If it breaks. Sew it again!
Step Four. Lay your toille out and cut it into 3 inch strips all the way across. Do this with both of the colors you are using.
Step Five. Cut the strips of toille on the folded edge. Each piece should then be two pieces of toille. Which you will seperate. If you are making an extra full tutu do not seperate these pieces. Cut them just don't pull them apart. For any other fullness pull these pieces apart after cutting and use them as seperate pieces.
Step Six. Tie the toille onto the elastic. (If you are making the extra full tutu, you will be using double layers when tying them on. The rest will be single layers of tulle like the one shown in this picture)
Step Seven. Complete tutu. Give it to your little princess to prance around in!
Remember I post these tutorials for your personal use. These are NOT so you can make and sell them. If you would like to purchase completed tutu's please do so through my shop. Thanks!


  1. This'll be a perfect project for my daughter to do! A little sewing and great instant satisfaction! Thanks!

  2. I am going to try and make a smaller version to put on a sock monkey I am making for a Christmas gift. Wish me luck! You can see some of my sock monkeys on my blog at
    Thanks for the Pattern!!

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial! I'm going to post a link to this on on December 31!

    You can grab a featured button from the bottom of our blog!

  4. Thanks it has been a great guide, now to make a tutu is without a doubt simple with your advice. Kudos

  5. First and foremost congratulations to these remarks, just as lucid and informative. However, 2 or 3 points would have deserved more development, especially in the conclusion. It's just a way to say I'm eager to discover the next post.


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