Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Braided Rug Tutorial

I have seen these rugs in magazines and have LOVED them. However, living on no budget like we are, I improvised. I had an old california king bed spread that had a hole in one size. I tore the sides apart and only used one side. (However for a larger rug you could use both) And much to my suprised I LOVED it!
What you need...
one king size bed sheet or bed spread
cross-stitching or croucheting thread
Take your sheet and lay it flat and cut snips into it every 2 inches. Tear them into strips.
One bed sheet makes a rug just perfect enough to step onto out of your shower, for a front door, or in front of the kitchen sink!
Take three pieces and sew the ends together. Just one stitch, with the pieces stacked on each other is fine. Then stick it between your toes, or safety pin it to the floor and start braiding.
You want to take two of the pieces and cut them off at random lengths. This is so the tie in knots will all be in different places. When you get to the end of the first piece, take another strip and tie it onto the end. Any knot will work. As long as it stays put.
Then take the ends and snip off the extra with your scissors.
And keep on braiding. Your knot will be hidden in the braid...

Braid and tie in until you have used all of your fabric strips. For a circle rug you will want to start like this. Right into a circle. For a heart, start with a v-shape.
And for an oval start like this...

Alright so pick your shape and begin. Take your thread and put it through the center of your braid. And pull pull pull...

Then take it to the part of the braid you want it attached to and put it down the center of the braid. Pull tight. But not too tight.
If you end up pulling too tight you will end up with a fabric bowl. And that's great, but we are making a rug. (trust me I know I had to restart 4 times before I figured it out.) Tye easiest way for me was to do this on the table so I could leave the braided part flat so I could tell if it was curving up or not.

Alright to back tract and go in slow motion for those of you who are sitting there thinking...what on earth is she talking about? Here we go. Take your thread and tie it into the middle of the braid. This is on the curved part of my braid, for the first one to make an oval.

Here is the curve and the tied on thread.

Take your thread and needle and go down the braid. You aren't actually going through any fabric. You are simply going through the hole. The thread hides and also makes your rug reversible.

Then come up the other braid in the center.

Here is the back. Once you pull it tight this thread will hide itself inbetween the braids.
Just like this. Go back and forth and back and forth. Keep winding your braid around and around and around.

And around and around and around...Yeah, it's about time...put on a good chick flick...

We are getting there...

Here is what the stitching looks like if you don't pull it. You are just zig zagging back and forth.
When you get to the end put a stitch through the ends of all the fabric strips and sew it through the middle of the braid and tie a knot.

Looks great, and you'll really appreciate it knowing all the time that you put into it!!!

And there you have it. Perfect for those little feet!


  1. Very cool! I always wondered how those rugs were made. Great job!

  2. That is really awesome!! I have got to seriously try that!!!

  3. Well done you. Have you considered hooking a rug with the smaller pieces of fabric. It takes ages but is great for something to do when you are watching telly

  4. I am making a rug right now and got stuck, so I googled braided rug tutorials and found yours! Thanks for the close ups and the details - SUPER helpful. I have large 'balls' of fabric and trying to braid them has turned in to one giant knotted nightmare. I should have cut my fabric in to smaller pieces and just tied them in as I braid! I'll be giving it a try. Thanks again! Summer http://summerwasson.blogspot.com/

  5. Thanks for this tutorial. I'm hoping to make one of these soon!

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  8. This stuff is down to earth, hats off buds out there. braided rugs

  9. Thanks for the great pics! I'm making a rug out of old t-shirts. You just cut across the body of the t-shirt to make rounds of fabric and then loop them together instead of knots. I had figured out the braid part myself it was the rest I had trobule with. :)

  10. This is by far the not only simplest but easiest to follow tutorial I have found. I can't crochet (I can embroider beautifully, but am dumb as a box of hammers when it comes to knit and crochet). I've got tons of fabric, most of it new from various projects, can't wait tom give this a try. Thank you!

  11. Hi

    I have a question that I hope you can help me with. So I cut all my strips joined them together, rolled them into balls and started doing the braid. But the problem is that as I braid the opposite side braids as well making a mess out of it and getting it all tangled up. Am I missing something? Please tell me how you avoided this from happening.

    Thanks a million.

  12. Amazing project! This is really a good idea if you want to go thrifty and economical. You’ll just need to have leftover fabrics and braid them, and presto you can make your own rug. What's wonderful here is that you can have easy fixings in case it gets worn out.

    Tripp House


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