Sunday, November 22, 2009

How To Screen Print

Screen printing can be easy and you can do it! I have had a blast screen printing and would LOVE to teach you how.

I used an old curtain. You can use a table cloth or any piece of sheer fabric. I like to use white, so you can see through it. Place a piece in an embroidery loop.
Then take a vinyl design, (you can purchase the ones I used, and all my other designs, here at my shop, or email me with a design you want and I'll make it) And place it on the inside of your fabric in the loop. It needs to face the direction you want it to be on your shirt. If I wanted this one flipped then I would need to put the vinyl on the back side of the fabric for this step.

Then take your lovely lovely I love so much Mod Podge and paint it all over the sheer fabric. Get as close to the edge as possible and paint right over that vinyl design.

This is what it looks like from the back. There is no Mod Podge where the vinyl design is.

Let the Mod Podge completely dry. Then peel of the vinyl design.
Place a piece of wax paper in between the layers of the fabric you will be screen printing.
Place the screen print down onto the fabric.
You can either use fabric paint ( I don't I don't like how hard it is once it is complete) or make your own. I take acrylic paint...tole paint...craft paint... you know it comes at the craft store it's like $1.00 a bottle and it's in a trillion colors. Well, I use it and I mix it with a little bit of water. Like a tablespoon. Open the bottle and feel the rest of the open space with water. Close it and shake it really well. Once you wash it the design is soft soft soft, just like the fabric. So anyways, back to the tutorial, Paint it on the screen print. Just enough to cover the open space and don't use to much paint. You just want a nice thin but covered layer.
I know someone would ask...this is why you don't use fabric dye. It just bleeds through the design and doesn't keep where it is supposed to.
Once you have painted the entire design carefully lift the screen print off of the shirt.
Let the shirt completely dry. See that ring. It's cause I did the above sample so you could see what not to do and some of the ink got into the embroidery loop. Don't panic. Just dip a q-tip into bleach and dab it on the ring.
See it disappears. Wash your shirt once it is completely dry and you will have your finished look.

The helicopter design was designed by me. The bird below is designed by myvinylreadydesigns.
Enjoy! And once again, If you have a design in mind, please let me know I will make it up for you!!! As for that cute bird shirt above. Stay tuned. I am going to be adding a skirt to it!


  1. Interesting idea. I could see a few problems with this approach, but I also think the general idea and cleverness behind it is impressive. Good work!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I have always wondered if it could be done by an occasional crafter:-)


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