Monday, March 22, 2010

Retro Balloon Flower Hair Bow Tutorial

I almost submitted this craft for the retro week on so you think you're crafty? After the voting that week maybe I should have. I just barely slid past. Apparantly that is what I am really good at doing. For my tenth birthday we made hair barrettes out of ballons and they were the hit! I decided to turn this one into the latest craze! Flowers. I couldn't resist...

Take 7 waterballoons, all other balloons are way to big, and stuff with a cotton ball. Roll them on the table so they make an oval shape.

Take a cordinating color for the center and stuff it with a cotton ball as well. Then make it into a flat circle.

Tie the balloons.

Then start tying them together one at a time.

Just keep grabbing another one and tying it onto a loose end. It doesn't matter which end.

The more you add the more chaotic it will look. Just keep going.

Until all seven are added.

Push all the petals down flat and hold the center with your finger.

Take the circle and put it in the middle of the petals. The balloon ends are towards the back.

Wrap the center balloon end onto the back.

Tie it to one of the loose ends.

Here is what it looks like from the front.

Cut out a circle of felt large enough to cover the balloon ends on the back. Then cut out a rectangle that will fit onto the circle. Glue the ends of two of the sides of the rectangle onto the circle. This will make a slit you can slide a bobby pin, or a hair barrette, or a hair elastic, or a hair band into.

Then hot glue it onto the back of the flower.

Pull the center to the sides and hot glue it down so you can't see the hot glue.

And there you have a beautiful retro balloon flower.

You'll love it!

Don't want to make your own? Head on over to my shop. Nothing is there currently but by tomorrow night, it will be stocked!


  1. This is very cool! Thanks!! :)

  2. I never thought of stuffing balloons with cotton wool, that's so clever!

  3. I love it but the air will go out..

  4. To the commenter above! There is no air in the balloons! I stuffed them with cotton balls to givve the illusion of them being slightly blown up. That way they won't deflate. Because you are right, if I had blown them up the air will most certainly go out!

  5. It didn't cross my mind that you can make cute hair accessories out of balloons. That was really a nice and creative idea! I'm looking forward to trying this. :D

  6. I love this idea! I am featuring it on tomorrow (Monday). Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I looked for these on your site and I couldn't find them to buy. When will they be available?

  8. These are adorable. Thank you for posting it. I am going to make some for Christmas. I see that you also made one as a pony tail. How did you do that one? Thanks :)


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