Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flip-Flop's Stay On Strap

I don't know if I am the only one, but my kids can not keep on their flip flops (by the way, I still catch myself calling them thongs, anyone else?) on. We have several pair and they never get worn. You can buy flip flops with back straps at Old Navy, so I decided to make some detachable straps that we can change between flip flops. My boys are LOVING to wear their flip flops now!

This is a really easy project that won't take much time or supplies. You will need 2 sets of the following:

  • 1 elastic that is cut the length of the long side of the flip flop. (When you are looking at the flip flop this is the piece that goes over the feet and in between the toes. There is two sides. One is shorter and one is longer. Use the long one. Lay your elastic from the part that goes in between the toe along this strap and then down to the bottom of the flip flop.)
  • 1 piece of fabric that is 2 inches wide by 5 inches long.
  • 1 piece of fabric that is 1 inch wide
Take the long piece of fabric and sew the end of one of the elastics to the end of the material like shown in the picture below
Then fold this piece in half right sides together and sew down the length as close to the ends as possible
Slide the end of the elastic into the inside.
Pull it all the way through and out to the other end. Keep pulling until you have turned the tube right sides out.

Then slide the end of the elastic back in to the tube.

Pull it through the tube. Sew across the end of the tube to keep the elastic in place. Sew along the other edge as well so the tube is shut on both sides.

Take the smaller piece of fabric and fold it in half along the long edge. Sew down the sides.

Cut in half.

Sew down the two sides you just cut.

Turn these pieces inside out.

Tuck the raw ends in.

Slip the elastic piece into one of these pieces and sew across the opening.

Repeat with the other piece on the other side of the elastic piece.

Sew a button hole onto the end of the piece.

Repeat with the other side.
Cut the buttonhole open.
Sew a button onto this piece at the top ear the elastic. Do this to both sides.
Now repeat all of these steps with the second set of materials. You will need one of these for each flip flop. Grab your flip flop and button it around the strap.
Now all you have to do is unbutton it to put it on another pair of flip flops!

No more losing those shoes in the middle of crossing the street!
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    1. This is great, and so simple. PS In Australia, they will always be called thongs!

    2. I like! What a smart idea. We can buy zorries (flip-flops) out here that have those straps on them. But not all the time, now I know what to do. Thank you!

    3. Ooh that is such a great idea Shannon! And I love how easily you can move them to a new pair. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

    4. Well for Pete's sake!! OK, what can I say that I haven't already? You're amazing? No, I've already said that... You're crazy smart? No, I'm sure I've said that... Well, I'll just start over... You're AMAZING!!!!!!! What a super good idea!!!

    5. Linked it at

    6. How about velcro instead of buttons ? If you make it longer, you can adjust the fastening to fit.

    7. I totally didn't see where you were going with this, but at the end Genius!

    8. Great ideia! They can even run with it!! Thanks!!

    9. Okay, now I have a solution for their shoes.

    10. This is an awesome idea! My kids need this!!! I am featuring it at Grab my "featured" button.

    11. I specifically go to old navy to buy the flip flops that have this strap...but they are not as cute as I am just going to make my own. love love lvoe

    12. That is amazing! I have the same problem with my kids, with the worry that they'll trip and break their necks. Great idea!!!!

    13. This is BRILLIANT!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


    14. OMG!!! I never, never in a million years would have thought of this! I have always avoided flip-flops because I can't keep them on my feet...I can't wear clogs for the same reason...any solutions for clogs? Who cares! This solution to my flip flop problem is pure genius!!!!

    15. You're my hero! This is brilliant!

    16. You are an engineering genius! Really. This is the sort of brilliant idea that needs to be in a book!

    17. What a great idea!! It IS genius! I love that it can be taken on and off and used from year to year! Stop by and link this up to my Thursday party Make It Wear It for all things made to be worn!

    18. this is a great idea! i think i'm gonna make myself an adult version of this! :D thanks for the tutorial!

    19. It's also great because schools and workplaces won't allow shoes without a back strap which leaves you with a very limited selection when most of your shoes are flip flops.

    20. Thanks for this great idea. I found you through someday crafts. I love the idea and need to use it. I sent up a link here. Thanks!

    21. Wonderful idea! I might need to do this to some of my baby girls shoes!


      misscraftyfingers said...
      this is a great idea! i think i'm gonna make myself an adult version of this! :D thanks for the tutorial!

      April 24, 2010 1:55 AM

    23. I work in a daycare and we have to have a strap on our shoes. Well, I have problems with my feet and need to have comfortable shoes. I have a pair of flip flops that I love, but couldn't wear them to work, so I have been on the hunt for sandals that are cute and comfortable with no luck. Now I can just make one of these and wear my flip flops!


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