Friday, May 7, 2010

Waving Flowers Mother's Day Gift

Need a last minute Mother's Day idea? If you're anything like me you do!!! I teach Primary at my church and this is what we will be making on Sunday for their mothers. It's really inexpensive and really fast to make. And what mother doesn't love flowers? (But, I do have to give credit where credit is due, my son came home with something similar from Preschool. Of course I spruced it up and added leaves and centers of the flowers...)

Take a Terra Cotta pot. The smallest size was out, so I got the next bigger. It's a 6 inch! Which actually worked perfect for three children in a pot. If you are doing less, I would say get the smaller size, and if you are doing more than three get the larger size! At Walmart you can buy these foam bricks in the silk flower section, already cut into thirds. Take one of the thirds and place it in your pot.
Push it down as far as you can get it.
Trace each of your child's hands on a different piece of colored paper. Then cut out a circle that fits in the palm and have your child write their name in it. Cut them out. Glue the center into the palm of the hand.

Turn it over and tape a pipe cleaner to it.

Place the end of the pipe cleaner into the foam in the pot. Push it down so it is in there really well. Push all the flowers in at different heights so you can see them all.

Take a green piece of colored paper and fold it a little. Then cut out half of a heart.

Have your child, or you, write I Love you because... on one side, and then the reason on the other side of the heart half.

Then once all the flowers you are using are in the pot tape the leaves on from the back of the pipe cleaner. This way you can vary their heights so you can see them all from the front of the pot. Keep the heart slightly bent to give the look of a leaf.
Cut small strips of green colored paper, crumple them in your hands and place them over the foam in the pot to look like grass.

And there you have it! A pot of flowers! But not any flowers, hand flowers. Mother's LOVE sentimental gifts made from their children... (yes I have two more hands to add...but he's still at school today!)

But what is even more special... If mom is missing her young one's while they are at school, or if you are making this for Grandma she can simply jiggle the pot...and wallah!!! Waving hands! Who could resist smiling at that?

Enjoy your Mother's day! Mine technically is going to start today, my husband disagrees, but I think Mother's deserve the whole weekend! Not just a day...and a Sunday at that! The boys (except the youngest boy...not fair...I'm still protesting that decision) are off to Father and Son's...So I get a weekend of crafting and watching Yo Gabba Gabba to keep the youngest entertained!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE this! It would certainly make this Grandma so happy to see a potful of waving hands from my dearest, dearest g-kids!

  2. I love this!!! I am going to feature this on my blog on Saturday!

  3. This is super cute! I wanted to let you know I am featuring this craft today. Please stop by and check out my Mother's Day Party going on now through Mother's Day. Thanks!

  4. I think this is sweet. But if you didn't have a flower pot what else could you use?


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