Monday, June 28, 2010

Felt Cheez-It Crackers

My sons' birthday is coming up and I want our felt house complete by the time it rolls around, because he is getting a fun new addition to it! A Kitchen, he is going to LOVE it! Stay tuned for the tutorial on that, because of course I made it! So now I need food to fill it! His favorite snack is Cheez-It's and they were oh so easy to make it. Keep an empty box to use to store them in!

Grab some orange felt. I used 2 2 inch strips. Layer them on top of each other. Then sew down both of the long sides, across the short sides and then two lines down the center. I used red thread so you could see it, and I like the look of the contrast.

Then sew lines across the short way. You want two of them together because you will be cutting in between them to separate the crackers.

Then sew little lines in the middle of the squares. I only did 2-3 stitches per square.

Cut off all the excess threads.

Cut down the short sides of the crackers in between the double lines that you have sewn.

Then cut down the center of these. And there you have it! A box full of Cheez-Its for your felt playhouse!

Crackers anyone?


  1. So cute! You have such good ideas :) Am sure your son will absolutely love it.

  2. So cute! I'm afraid I'm going to need to learn how to make all this felt food for when my little girl is big enough for a kitchen!

  3. No way- these are SOO cute! Just adorable! Thanks so much for the fun felt food addition. I'll be linking.

  4. Those are awesome, especially since they're sewn assembly line style, and not one at a time.

  5. These are so cute! I love how you put them in a proper box... and the assembly line process- genius!

  6. Those are brilliant!
    I'd have to make those for my husband for April Fool's Day.
    He loves those crackers!
    Ha ha!

  7. My son LOVES cheez-its. He would get a kick out of this, I think. Or maybe he would just be frustrated because he couldn't eat them? :)

  8. I LOVE THESE!!! I love new ideas for felt food. These are so cute.

    I love felt food for kid presents. I would love it if you linked this up to my Christmas in July linky party going on right now.

    LOVE IT.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  9. awesome! they look really quick to make too!

  10. OMG- TY TY!! I have been searching the web for either beads/fake food cheezits to complete a project in honor of a friend's son whom they lost! What a great and simple idea!! TY TY!

  11. These are so awesome! I am making a ton of felt foods and toys for the kids that come to my house (grandkids and neice's and nephews, cousins etc.) But I was wondering - do you have pics of the felt house you were talking about that you made for your son?

  12. Thanks for sharing this idea! My 2.5yo son is having a grand time making Cheez-it soup now. LOL :)

  13. this is so cool!


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