Monday, June 14, 2010

Metal Filing Cabinet Makeover

I've had this ugly filing cabinet that I store my bills in for the year, before they get boxed and stored. During the flood it got wet and the bottom rusted out. So... that jumped me into makeover mode. So grab your metal filing cabinet.

And mod podge it with phone book pages. (You can use my previous tutorial on how to do this here.)

Cover the entire metal filing cabinet. I left some wrinkles in mine. If you are just going to leave it like this. Make sure your papers are down and smooth.

Take spray paint and lightly spray it all over. In some of the areas you can see the paper through it.

Take fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand the spray paint, revealing more of the phone book pages and giving it a weathered look.

Spray with clear acrylic sealer. (I used mod podge brand)

And there you have it!

A fun eye catching piece for your home office. (Or you can slide it into the corner because your house is still a mess from a flood. And it's regular home is torn apart!)


  1. This is AWESOME! very inspiring.just finished a small cabinet; wanted to start on my big one in the garage. I've already spray painted it and was going to do some stenciling, but next time, this will be it. wonder how newspaper would do? have you tried it?

  2. Good grief! Looks like it came from a rathole and went back to a rathole. Save your beer money and hire someone.

    1. Of course you would hide behind 'Anonymous'... Because any person with dignity and self worth would never choose to belittle someone. Instead of hiding behind a computer screen trying to make yourself feel better by putting others down go out and do good in the world. Your comments have zero affect on me by to others it could drastically change their life... why would you ever want to be the root of that?


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