Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Adjust your Elastic Headband.

I have a huge head. It's HUGE. So I see all these cute elastic headbands but they don't fit. My head is too big. They just slide back on my head and hand around my pony tail within a few minutes. So I adjust mine, because I do love them.  You want to cut the elastic where it fits underneath your neck in the center.
And then take a pony tail elastic and cut it into thirds. 
You will go through the elastic with your needle and thread. 
And then through the pony tail holder elastic. 
Do this several times to connect them together. It doesn't need to be way tight, and it doesn't need to look perfect. It just needs to hold them together. 
And then repeat with the other side until you have created once again an elastic headband. 
Then grab a piece of ribbon. I like to us 1 inch ribbon and I get about a one inch piece. 
Place it underneath the elastic where the ends are joined together. 
And then wrap the ribbon up around it. 
And tuck the upper edge down over it. 
Then take your  needle and thread and sew through the ribbon and straight through the elastic.  
Continue to sew all the way across the ribbon going up through the elastic and then back down and repeating until you get to the end. 
Tie of your thread. 
And repeat with the other side. 
Slip your elastic headband on, and it will now fit that large noggin of yours! 
So now more excuses if you have a big head! You can get yourself some of those cute elastic headbands that you see other people where and think... how the heck do they keep that thing on?
And in case you're keeping tabs... I caught the bug... not sure what one... but this is how I've been feeling...if you dare take a look... hence the really whacked out hair... and pale face... and tired eyes... you get the idea.
Makes for a lot of crafting, since all I can do is sit on my rear in bed. I'm actually starting to feel on the upside already... so let's hope it went through quick and no one else grabs it from me like I did from my sister...

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  1. Okay, so those things never stay on my head either, but I definitely do not have a big head. I'm not sure what the reason is--maybe my head is too small? Or my hair is too slippery? What could it be?! The only thing I've ever been able to have STAY in my hair is that ankle tape underwrap stuff. Maybe I'll try this with one of my elastics to see if it helps.


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