Sunday, April 17, 2011

Punch A Box...Game Idea

This past Sunday at Church I was the Primary Chorister. (For those who aren't familiar with Primary, it's the organization that the children attend to during 2 hours of our Sunday meeting.) So I came up with this fun game. I am also going to use it with my scout troop and even at home with my kids. I think it would also be great for Elementary Teachers or Preschool Teachers as well. And it's simple.

First you need to get a tri-fold cardboard display. Measure evenly and cut out 6 circles on the main piece and 3 circles on each of the side pieces with an exacto knife. Make your circles 5 inches in diameter.
Then take 12 boxes, I purchased these at Smith's Marketplace. They are 6 inch boxes. Tape one of the openings shut with a piece of tape.
Then on the other end cut half of each flap off. Do this to all four sides.
And then fold the four flaps out.
Tape the boxes onto the back of the cardboard display covering each hole.
There will be 6 on the center piece and 3 on each of the side pieces.
When you open it up, from the front you have 12 cubby holes just like this.
And on the back you have 12 boxes, just like this.
I then went to Jolly Jenn and printed off the sheets to the song I was going to teach. I cut them apart by each line and put one separate paper in each hole. You could also do items that go along with the song, etc.
Then cover each hole with a layer of tissue paper. I taped it to the front.
Stand it up and you are ready to go.
Now for the fun part. I picked the best behaved kids and had them come up two at a time. They got to punch the tissue paper out of one hole and get what was inside. I then took that part to the song and put it on the chalkboard where it belonged. So when the pianist played the song we would hum the music unless the words were on the board. This was it helped the kids to learn the tune and the words. As we got further into it more words were on the board, so we did more singing and less humming! We would sing it after each set of kids punched their holes.

I think overall it was a success and the kids seamed to like it. However, I still am not a singer. And still can't carry a tune. But I can now say, I'm not scared to teach Singing time. No big deal. Let's put that one under my belt. And I'm excited to have a new game to play with my scouts!!!


  1. This was just excellent! I know the primary kids really enjoyed it. What a good idea for so many times!

  2. Oh how fun! This looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing the how-to, I'll be linking.

  3. I used your idea as the basis for my Candy Button Trivia game. Thanks so much!

  4. I saw this on pinterest- so cute and fun. I want to make one.

    I thought I would mention a funny thing- I just barely opened pinterest for the first time. I've been on there for all of 5 minutes and looked at 3 different posts and I can't believe it, but all 3 were from LDS women. It is nice to see that the words from General Conference are true- we can use technology to help spread the gospel, even in the most simple ways as mentioning singing time fun on a blog.

  5. Shannon,
    Thanks for the great tutorial! I hope you don't mind me using your picture of your great 'Punch a box' game on my blog. I'm sharing a Sharing Time idea using this idea and wanted a picture. I am adding a link to your tutorial, so that my readers can find your blog.
    If you don't want me to use your picture just send me an email and I will remove it.
    Thanks again!!
    Little LDS Ideas

  6. What an awesome idea!! I stumbled upon your blog and have been "checking in" for awhile now and I wanted to tell you about a fun incentive program my ward has begun using for our Primary kids. They are plastic tags, "brag tags" that have fun images on them to encourage participation in anything from saying prayers to learning the Articles of Faith. This program is so fun for kids and motivates them with a simple inexpensive reward they can keep and wear or show any day of the week. Several kids in my primary class have already earned tags for being reverent and for bringing their scriptures. I found them at I think your followers will love these for their primary kids also! Renee

  7. That is really fun. Thanks for the instructions.

  8. I'm thinking of making this for my daughters 2nd birthday party on Sunday...there's 7 many holes should they each punch?

  9. awesome idea! Thanks for sharing this. I knew I wanted to do this kind of game for my sons 10th Birthday, but had no idea how to or where to start. This is perfect.

  10. This is awesome! I've had this idea forever! I'm a huge fan of the Price is Right and remember this game from back in the day. I love seeing how you made yours. I need to put one together for church and this is nice to see one made. Thanks for sharing. If I end up posting pics on how I made mine on my blog do you mind if I link back here to yours? You can check us out at


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