Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Thirfty Thursday}...Knot Shorts Knock Off Kid Style

I had so much fun making these! And I'm almost finished with the Adult Version. I'll share that with you next Thursday! As soon as I saw these shorts I fell in love. Only, I choose not to wear shorts that short, trust me, you should thank me, and the cost ($88.00). Plus they are dry clean only. Gag me. But I knew I could make them! Check out the original ones here.
They are cute aren't they??? 
SO I grabbed my fabric, washed it, ironed it. Then I took a pair of my sons pants and laid them on top of the fabric folded in half and traced them leaving an inch on each side. This fabric does not stretch that is why the extra inch was allowed. You don't need to put any more length on them then the shorts you are using to trace.
You will need four of these. Two in the each direction. Sew up the outer edges on both sides. They should be placed right sides together. Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
Then grab the fabric and cut four pieces that look like this. Sorry, I don't have a pattern. I just guessed:). 
Then take those pieces that you just cut and lay it so the flat edge matches the outer edge of the shorts. When you get to the seam in the middle fold this piece in half and pin together. 
Sew it where you pinned. Turn it right sides out. Now line it up with the outer edge of the shorts and pin in place. Repeat with the four remaining pieces. 
Here is what the piece looks like before you turn it right sides out.
Lay the next piece in the opposite direction. Pin in place. 
Sew along the bottom edge. Follow the edge of your presser foot. 
Then flip it down. 
And top stitch the seam up in the inside. 
Then tie the two pieces in a knot. 
Then take the two pieces and pin the sides together. This is actually the front and the back seams. 
Then pull it so they are in the front and the sides are on the sides. 
 Sew the crotch together. Use 1/2 inch seam allowance.
Then cut a piece of elastic that will fold over the edge. My pieces was 4 inches. I am holding the elastic folded in half in this picture. 
Turn your shorts inside out. I then cut off 2.5 inches from the top. I used this piece to make the rosette that matches. A tutorial will come soon!
Then cut a piece of fabric that is 2 inches high and is 2 inches wider than the shorts on both sides. So it into a loop. 
Fold this piece in half. Pin in place. 
We are going to make the sides bunched like this. Are you ready for this? 
On the front of the pants and the back of the pants pin the loop that is folded in half matching the raw edges together. On the side seam you are going to measure 3 inches from the seam on both directions and mark with a pin, as I have done.The loop of fabric will have alot of excess material  here. Then slide your elastic piece in and pin it in place, next to the pin that is marking the 3 inch marks.
Sew the elastic to the loop on both sides. Make sure you only sew through the elastic and the loop, not the shorts. That would be bad. 
You may have had to remove the marking pins on the three inch line like I did to sew it. It's okay. If you didn't go ahead and remove them now. 
Starting with one side of where the elastic is sewn to the loop we are going to encase it in just the loop. NOT the shorts. Just the loop. So place your needle through the edge of the looped fabric. I sewed as close to the edge as I could. 
You want to be careful and go slow, so you do not sew through the elastic. As you sew line up the edges of the looped fabric, and make sure the elastic and the shorts are out of the way. 
When you can't go further, lift up the presser foot, make sure the needle is down and pull on the back and will it scrunch the fabric back on the elastic. Put the presser foot back down. 
Then line up the front some more and sew. You can see in this picture how the back fabric is getting scrunched. 
Keep on going until you  make it to the very end. 
Then back stitch.
 And repeat with the other side.
And there you have it. The side elastic bunch. 
Pin it back to the raw edge of the shorts. Then sew all the way around the raw edge using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. 
I then top stitched around the edge of the top. Stitch the inside seam going down. 
Now grab two 1.5 inch pieces of fabric by 8 inches. Sew them into a tube closing one end. Turn them right sides out.
Repeat with the other one. So you have two of these pieces. 
Hmm. this picture is out of order, and doesn't want to budge. So here is a picture of the tubes that you just sewed and turned right sides out.
You will tuck the open edge inside itself about 1/4 inch and then pin to the front of the shorts right next to the side elastic bunch. 
Here is a picture of the edge tucked inside. 
Take your seam ripper and open up the center seam above the casing. 
Then slide in one of the tubes you created. Slide it so you can feel the edge all the way down to the elastic. Pin it in place. 
Repeat with the other side. 
Then sew the end next to the elastic bunch using a rectangle stitch. 
Scrunch the front of the pants and tie into a bow. This allows for you to correctly adjust the pants as your little guy or gal grows. 
The back view. 
The cute little side knots. 
The waist knot. Adorable. 
And although I didn't plan on making these for my little guy they turned out pretty cute on him. But the knots are a little too girly for me! So you can find them in my shop! As I had planned in the first place! 
And the back is oh so cute. Makes you want to give it a pinch or two. 
They are too cute aren't they? And I know you'll be wanting to make you a matching pair too! So come back next Thursday for the Adult Version... However, you can come back before them too:)! Now you'll just know what's coming at you Next Thursday. I'm just saying! Let me know if you give this Kid Style a try!!! I'd love to see them.

And don't forget to come link up  your projects this week to my link party. The link is right up there... Yeah up above this post!!! I'd love to see what you've been making!!!


  1. Too cute! can't wait to see the adult pair.

  2. oh wow this is the cutest short ever:)and a lot of effort for sure!


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