Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday}...Cardboard Box Derby Cars

I know I said that today I would have the adult version of the knotted shorts for you! But, I am headed out of town today and I just didn't get the time to get the pattern all figured out! So stay tuned. They WILL be coming next Thurday. Cross my heart.

What to do with a bunch of rambunctious 8 year old boys? Oh, I know... and I actually will have ALOT of fun ideas coming this summer... Because we are going to be dong some crazy awesome things!!! But this week we made Cardboard Box Derby Cars. And it was a blast.

So grab yourself some boxes. One for each boy. Tape them shut. My co-leader  happened to just remodel her home and had these laying around. They were perfect!
Make sure all the sides are taped nice and shut.
Then take a knife, a box cutter, or scissors and carefully cut the top of the box. You want to cut 2/3 the way on the long sides completely across one short side and back down the 2/3 on the other long side.
Then lightly score across the top of the box where the cut ends at the 2/3 mark. You do NOT want to go all the way through or cut through the box.
Fold it on the score line.
Then score this in half. My line is right where my thumb is. It's hard to see in the picture.
Fold it down.
Oops, not exactly half. Don't worry. Some of mine weren't either. Tape the sides together.
And then cut out the middle of this flap to create the windshield.
Then in the center of the box on the two long sides cut out a handle for the kids to hold onto. Mine were five inches wide by 2.5 inches high.
Then take that handle piece you cut out and cut off a square from it.
Cut the square in half.
Grab the triangles and use them to prop up the windshield. Tape in place.
And there you have it. Or that's what I thought. You then need to cut out the bottom of the box. Yeah, I realized that once we got to the scout activity. So turn your car on it's side and cut out a good majority of the bottom of the box.
And then it will be complete. And ready to decorate.
We gave the boys Tempera paint (and it's a good thing it's washable and water soluble because it was, well, everywhere...)
My son's of course sported the Boise State Team... 
Here is another little boys. He made his front with lightening. It turned out great. 
Then we set up a course. First they had to run to the station and put on goggles. 
Then they had to refuel by drinking a glass of water. Then they had to change their tires by taking off their shoes and then putting them back on.
And then they sprinted to the finish line. 
Just for the record. I DO NOT support that my child crossed out the U on the back of his car. Because, we bleed red. And the U is our team, whether he agrees with my husband and I or not.

The boys had alot of fun and we are keeping their cars for a skit we are doing in a few months. More on that to come. Then they will get to take them home with them And this sprouted my mind...and I'm going to have my middle sons birthday party a little something like this. So stay tuned for that in June!!!


  1. I was a cub scout leader for 3 years! Wolf Den. Any ways great idea! Looks like boys loved them.

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