Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Everyday Pettiskirt

I previously showed you my one size fits most pettiskirts. This one is the everyday pettiskirt. What's the difference you ask? This skirt is made to wear everyday. You can wear it to church, to school, to play. It's not as fancy and it's a tad bit longer. It looks great with leggings underneath.
To make this skirt I used the same size rolls as I did with the one size fits most pettiskirt. The only difference is that  you do not need the 2 inch roll for the ruffle. This is the skirt on a seven year old.
And a Five Year Old.
And on a Four Year Old.
And on an 18 month old.
So head on over to the One Size Fits Most Pettiskirt. Follow the same directions. The only difference is you do not add the ruffle to the bottom of the skirt, which is the first few steps in that tutorial!

(I will show you how to adjust the size in a later posting that will be coming soon!!! if you like your pettiskirt to be shorter for the younger girls.)


  1. I love to read this blog, because the main aspect of it is the new & awesome creations you have posted each & every day Shannon. This is also awesome and i will surely make this for my 3yrs old daughter. The color combinations you have used are just fabulous. Keep going...
    Thanks & Regards

  2. Those are so adorable -- I love the brown one!

  3. Where is the tutorial for the adult pettiskirt and how to get the right measurements?


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