Monday, October 3, 2011

Robin Costume... A Tutorial

I wish I had a little guy to model this costume for you. But my little guys just aren't so little anymore!!! I had a few requests for a robin costume to go along with good old batman! So of course I had to oblige. And now I've found that I am going to be making a batman and robin costume for my teenage sisters...
Okay. Let's Get Started. Head on over to the Batman Tutorial to learn how I made my pattern pieces. Take the front and the back piece. These ones will be red for Robin. Sew on the yellow belt to the bottom of the back piece.
Then for the front. In the middle of the belt cut out a circle shape. And then sew three yellow rectangular strips below the neckline. 
Then sew on a circle and an R. Right over those rectangles. 
The sleeves will be green. Sew the sides of them together. 
Then sew the front and back together at the shoulders. 
Open it up and sew the sleeves to the arm holes. 
Then sew the sides and the sleeves closed. 
Flip it right sides out. 
Then take the pants. The top for these ones are green and the bottom are black. Sew the black onto the legs. 
Then complete the pants by sewing the crotch seams together and then down the sides. Then make a casing and slide in the elastic. For a detailed process check out the Batman tutorial. 
Then for the cape. For Robin it's going to be yellow. Then cut a slightly smaller black one. Sew it centered to the cape. Then just like the batman tutorial, add the velcro to the top opening. 
And of course I didn't take a picture... My mind and life have been all over the place lately. But head on over to the Batman tutorial, once again, and make a pair of eye masks to complete the look! Enjoy... Let me know if you give it a try...

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