Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Cruise... Port Two... FalMoth and Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The second stop was in Jamaica. The ship docked at Falmoth. We had hired a tour guide, Javia Shaw through KnowJamaicaTours who was amazing! He picked us up at the port and we headed to Ocho Rios. We made a stop along the way and saw some fun things from Jamaica's past.

We then went and climbed the Dunn's River Waterfalls. It was so fun and it was gorgeous. Something that would NEVER be allowed to do in America. It was a giant lawsuit waiting to happen. It makes me sad to think about, because we had a blast! It was simply amazing. I have never had a more fun time in my life. Literally. And the falls were huge! It took over an hour to climb them!

Our tour guide was so fun! We had a great group full of silly people. You can check us out below.


After climbing the falls, we went and floated down the white river. Which again, was amazing. Our tour guide was a hoot and sang to us the whole way down. Sigh. I could sit and listen to his Jamaican singing and voice all day long. It was so relaxing! We got to jump off a cliff, it wasn't that high, maybe 10 feet. But it still gave me the eeks in my tummy. But I did it and it was fun!

Here, you can check it out. 










 We then stopped and did a little local Jamaican shopping where we ran into the most darling Jamaican girl who knew we were LDS, she asked us, and believe it or not, so was she! It was a lot of fun to talk to her about the branch there and she invited us to come! I totally want to go back and vacation in Jamaica and be able to do just that!
Our awesome guide then took us to a local joint to eat where he had us try some jerk chicken along with local sides. They were all so good! Fried Plantain, Bread Fruit, and two others that I can't recall right now...

 Then we headed to Carl the Rasta Man's House. It was so neat. We were able to sit in his humble home and he showed us all about the local produce that grows, how they cook it, and let us try them. It was divine. Best experience ever.

This fruit is called Sour Sap and it's my favorite! I wish I could find it here. I loved it.

Here Carl is teaching us about the local goods.
And here we are with Carl.
And our awesome guide for the day Javia.
If you look closely, you just might notice some Marijuana in Carl's hand... ha ha...

It was so humbling to see Carl's house. And to see how happy and content he is with his life. It makes me crave the not American life-style...How simple and how down to earth these people are. Makes me a tad bit jealous to be honest.
Then we raced back to the cruise ship, which was an hour drive, so we didn't miss it leaving us behind...
It was a full day jam packed full of fun! We even stopped at a local restaurant and had our tour guide order us some local food. It was great. And I loved seeing the Jamaican colors flying everywhere! I wish the US was more like that!

Jamaica was by far my favorite stop of the trip. It was so much fun, full of adventure, and also sneaking in what it really is like to live in Jamaica. I honestly want to go back and vacation just there. As I mentioned earlier, when we were at a local shop purchasing stuff for the boys we ran into a woman working their who was Mormon. She invited us to come back and to go to her branch. And honestly I would LOVE to. It's definitely going on my bucket list. I would LOVE to take my boys there as well, they would LOVE it!

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  1. You look so happy!!!! I am so happy you got to enjoy life in this way =)


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