Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Taggy Basketball for my Thing #4...

For Christmas I made a set of baby toys for Thing #4 and my nephew! I love how they turned out and Thing #4 is having a blast with them. I'm finally getting around to sharing them with you! I hope they are something you can use!!! They encourage the developing mind and all three serve a different purpose. This one of course touch and feel and also something to chew on!
Soft Football Rattle Five
I made mine out of polar fleece. They are super soft to the touch! But you could make yours out of anything of course.
First you need to print the pattern piece.

Then cut out six ball pieces from soft polar fleece.
Soft Football Rattle One  
Then take different sizes and textures of ribbons and cut them to different lengths. Loop them and pin them to the edges of the right sides of the polar fleece pieces. I put three on each side, in no pattern at all.

Soft Football Rattle Two
Go ahead and sew the ribbon pieces on.

Soft Football Rattle Three
I started to get lazy and just ended up sewing all the way around the outside edge. It was much faster!

Soft Football Rattle Six
Repeat, repeat, repeat until all six are done.

Soft Football Rattle Seven

Then take two of these pieces right sides together and sew down one of the sides from point to point.

Soft Football Rattle Eight
Fold the side back that hasn't been sewn on the top piece. Then take a third piece match up the edges and sew it down the side as well.

Soft Football Rattle Nine
This will attach three together. This is what the inside looks like now.

Soft Football Rattle Ten
Keep folding the not sewn edge of the top piece back and adding a new piece.

Soft Football Rattle Eleven
If I've lost you completely... This is what it looks like when you've folded the top pieces that haven't been sewn back.

Soft Football Rattle Twelve
Where my finger is is where you will line up the new piece and sew it on. On the last piece you will sew it to both of the sides that are open. Where my finger and my thumb are. Leave a one inch opening in the center of one of the sides.

Soft Football Rattle Thirteen
Just enough to slide your finger into like this.

Soft Football Rattle Fourteen
Turn your ball inside out through this hole.

Soft Football Rattle Fifteen
Fill it with Polyfil until it's nice and full. And hand stitch it closed.

Soft Football Rattle Sixteen
You can be finished now! Or for added texture grab the seams and pinch them in between your fingers and sew down the edge pressing them upward.

Soft Football Rattle Seventeen
This gives an added dimension to the ball and something for baby to grab at with his little fingers!

Soft Football Rattle Eighteen

I then took black embroidery thread and stitched the lines of a basketball onto the ball for another added detail. And that's it.

Soft Football Rattle Nineteen
You're done! You've got yourself a fun and squishy baby toy, that baby will be sure to love!!!

Soft Football Rattle Four
Stay tuned for a rattling football and a noise making baseball in the next few days!

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