Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Soft Football Rattle For My Thing #4

Along with the Taggy Basketball I created a Soft Football Rattle for my  nephew and for Thing #4 for Christmas. This toy is super soft and squishy but is also full of texture with the melted fabric and ribbon ties. And it has a rattle inside that is easy for a baby to shake, shake, shake.
Soft Football Rattle Nineteen  
Go ahead and print off the pattern piece. (Guess what, it's my first one. My first real pattern that you can print. I feel like such a big girl...Yes, I will be making more to go along with my older posts.)
Soft Football Rattle  
 Lay out your football pattern onto the wrong side of your polar fleece. I made two, so for one trace three football pieces.
Soft Football Rattle Three  
Cut them out.
Soft Football Rattle Four  
Place two of the pieces right sides together and sew down one of the sides.
Soft Football Rattle Nine  
Open the pieces so the right sides are now showing.
Soft Football Rattle Ten  
Take the third football piece and lay it right side down and match it up to the left side. Sew up the left side. And then open it up so you can see the right sides.
Soft Football Rattle Eleven  
Then fold them back down matching up the two sides that are not sewn together yet. Sew down this side leaving an opening in the middle.
Soft Football Rattle Twelve  
Turn right sides out through the small opening in the side.
Soft Football Rattle Thirteen  
Fill the football through the hole with Polyfill. Do not over stuff. Just lightly put it in.
Soft Football Rattle Fourteen  
Set this aside and grab a portable foldable cup. I purchased mine at Walmart. Fill the inside with beans.
Soft Football Rattle One  
Then you can put the lid on.
Soft Football Rattle Two  
Now take a pair of needle nose pliers and slowly break away the excess cup part just leaving the inside where the beans are. (You could use another container like a film canister or travel makeup kit, but the sound that this makes is divine. So it's worth it.)
Soft Football Rattle Eight  
Now take this and slip it into the football and press it so it's snug in the Polyfill. You want Polyfill around the bottom and the sides of it.
Soft Football Rattle Fifteen  
Then stuff in more Polyfill to cover the cup. Make sure it gets on all the sides of the cup and makes the football nice and firm.
Soft Football Rattle Sixteen  
Stitch the hole close. And pardon the horrible picture. I took these in terrible lighting with my I-phone.
Soft Football Rattle Seventeen  
Because after all I was crafting in a furnace closet. True story...
Soft Football Rattle Seven
I was trying to keep these a secret from my sister-in-law. So I was limited to where I could sew. I even had my Thing #4 with me. I just put him on a pillow on the floor. He kept me entertained grately. And he didn't mind the floor at all.
Soft Football Rattle Six  
Take some white ribbon and using a big needle make two stripes of white ribbon down the center of the football. Tie the two ends into a knot and heat set the ends with a flame.
Soft Football Rattle Eighteen  
Then sew stripes going down the two long stripes creating the football laces. Then take the ribbon and sew a line around the two tips of the football.
Soft Football Rattle Twenty Two  
Take a lighter and quickly go over the polar fleece. It will melt the top layer giving it a football texture. Don't stay in one spot too long or you will burn a hole in the fabric. (Please note: I CAN NOT be responsible for any damage that this may cause to you, your toy, your home, whatever you end up catching fire too. Be safe and be smart.) This step is totally optional if it's something you don't want to do.
Then hand it over to your little guy and let him play away. It will quickly become his favorite toy. They can grab it tight and it still allows the rattle part to shake, shake, shake. Good luck getting him to hold still so you can take a photo.
Soft Football Rattle Twenty One  
Soft Football Rattle Twenty  
Soft Football Rattle Twenty Three
Let me know if you give it a try! I'd love to see how yours turns out and I would LOVE to see how much your baby loves your soft football rattle.
(And please note: because of the beans, please don't wash your soft football rattle. Spot clean it  using a damp cloth. Also I cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen to baby while playing with this toy, so please don't leave him unattended.)

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