Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome To My Home... Our Playroom...

If you recall back in October, on Halloween, we moved into our new home. It's been a long time coming, and we are still working on many things, but I want to show you bits and pieces as we finish them! I'm enjoying being in a new home that I get to make mine. And I feel very blessed that it's a brand new home... our last home purchase was less than pleasant... and was less than pleasant of a home... Instead of spending my time remodeling this time, I get to decorate and make our home ours... With that being said...
Welcome to our playroom. Right above our stairs we have an L-shaped space. We decided to turn this into a place for our 4 Things.

Here is the before shot... And this is how it looked all the time. Toys everywhere and buckets and lids everywhere else.

Our Playroom Seven photo IMG_0035_zps91873c54.jpg

Our Playroom Eight photo IMG_0036_zps8e265f90.jpg

Our Playroom Six photo IMG_0034_zpsb9f0027c.jpg

And the after shot. All clean and a place for everything to be! Just how I like it!
Our Playroom Four photo IMG_0650_zps6adf4ae1.jpg
So we hit up Ikea and got ourselves some Expedit Shelves. We create a fun toy storage display on the long wall. We hung one of the 2X2 shelves on the wall at an angle to give it a fun focal point.
Our Playroom One photo IMG_0647_zpscfdce624.jpg
I got a garbage can from Walmart for our ever growing gun and sword collection that are too large for the Expedit Bins. We bought 6 of the plastic bins from Ikea for the top shelf so we can put stuff we don't want the little kids getting into. They are harder to pull out. And for the bottom three rows I picked up Fabric Bins from Walmart. These are full of toys that are played with often and are easy to pull out and put back in.
Our Playroom Five photo IMG_0651_zps1b91adf0.jpg
Our Playroom Two photo IMG_0648_zpsc5a424e9.jpg
We have six bean bags, so we can each have our own, and our TV stand that we got at Ikea a few years ago... and yes, we have no TV up there. We know. That's just not in the budget right now. So technically I guess the playroom is really not complete.
Our Playroom Three photo IMG_0649_zpsde716673.jpg
Once we get one we will hang it above our TV stand. So that's it. Our simple, small, but functional L-shape playroom. And our Things play with their toys much more often now that they are easily accessible instead on in plastic bins with lids stacked on each other. And that's the best part! And yes, those shelves are secured to the walls. Because the Things have indeed done what I thought, climbed up the shelves and flown into the pile of bean bags! That's boys for you.


  1. What a fun space! ...and useful too. I love how you utalized that space!

    So happy you have a NEW home to make yours! Hope your birthday was fun, too!

  2. WOW!!! You know I LOVE such awesome organization! I love all the colors and the whole functionality of that space! How fun!! Yes, and good thinking to secure the shelves to the wall!!

  3. Well, moving in can really be difficult sometimes. Others find it stressful yet fun at the same time. It takes a while to organize all your stuff. But after you see everything is in order, you will really feel delighted and know that all the effort was worth it! ;)

  4. The first picture reminds me of my situation when I moved into my new condo. When you see a lot of stuff scattered everywhere, it’s as if you don’t know where to start. The only thing you want is to make the room clean and organized. Well, you’d probably be there too! You see, on the last photo, you were able to put things in order and it really turned out so great! :))


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