Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Football Field Cake

I feel like I've been posting a lot of sweets lately. Sigh... Sorry if I've helped you gain a few pounds... But Thing #1 just had his 10th Birthday. His request was a football field cake. I've never been great at baking, but it seems like lately I've hit my groove. I'm not only loving baking I'm actually doing well at it... It's a good thing I've started going to the gym two hours every weekday morning, or I'd be in trouble.
Football Field Cake Twenty Nine photo IMG_0110_zpsfe2b6794.jpg  
Football Field Cake Thirty photo IMG_0119_zpsb92c8d39.jpg  
Grab a baking sheet and turn it upside down. Wrap it with foil. This makes a great cake display... Or you can do it the right way and get a piece of cake cardboard, but that's no fun...
Football Field Cake One photo IMG_0652_zps3f5995c6.jpg  
Bake your cakes according to the directions. Thing #1 request was Funfetti Cake. I always add a packet of pudding in with the mix to make it more moist. Make sure you grease and flour the pan. Don't forget to flour. That is what makes the cake come out easily. I made 2 9x13 cakes. Let them cool completely. Turn the first cake upside down in the center of the foil covered baking sheet.
Football Field Cake Two photo IMG_0653_zpsa6b3eb5f.jpg
Tap the bottom of the pan and take the pan off.
Football Field Cake Three photo IMG_0654_zps5d90d1e5.jpg  
Then frost it with a thin layer on the top. This is just to adhere the top cake too it. I like to have a lot of frosting on the outside of my cake not in between the two layers. It's really just preference.
Football Field Cake Four photo IMG_0655_zpse5f8b61e.jpg  
Then take the next cake and flip it over carefully on top of the first one. Tap the bottom and remove the pan.
Football Field Cake Five photo IMG_0657_zps2b31532e.jpg  
 Now let's set the cake aside for a minute. Grab six yellow bendy straws. Three for each goal post.
Football Field Cake Six photo IMG_0658_zpsb71a2c62.jpg  
Cut two of the straws right above the "bendy" part.
Football Field Cake Seven photo IMG_0659_zpsc6f0079b.jpg  
Then cut right below the "bendy" part of the straw. You can discard the bendy part of the straw.
Football Field Cake Eight photo IMG_0660_zps21fb5d40.jpg
Now grab two more bendy straws and cut a slit on the shorter side of the "bendy" part about 1/2 inch long.
Football Field Cake Nine photo IMG_0661_zps50a54051.jpg  
 Now take the side that you cut and slightly fold it in and push it into the short piece that you cut off of the straws in the first step.
Football Field Cake Ten photo IMG_0662_zps3d43466a.jpg  
 Cut the last two straws the same way.
Football Field Cake Eleven photo IMG_0663_zpsb0fd1a00.jpg  
 Push the ends in slightly and push it into the other side of the short straw piece that you cut in the first step.
Football Field Cake Twelve photo IMG_0664_zpsa04ce402.jpg  
So this short straw piece now has two complete straws sticking out of the sides. 
Football Field Cake Thirteen photo IMG_0665_zpsbd2d36c7.jpg  
 Make a small slit in the middle of the short straw that is in the center.
Football Field Cake Fourteen photo IMG_0666_zps61f2d365.jpg
Slide your scissors in that slit and turn it into an x.
Football Field Cake Fifteen photo IMG_0667_zps71f313f6.jpg
Football Field Cake Sixteen photo IMG_0668_zps5403f394.jpg
Take the long piece of straw you cut in the first step and slide it into this x.
Football Field Cake Seventeen photo IMG_0669_zpsadde88e6.jpg
Now bend one of the bendy straws so the long part is going the opposite direction as the long piece you just put into the x.
Football Field Cake Eighteen photo IMG_0670_zpsb1d08217.jpg  
Bend the other side up as well to complete one goal post.
Football Field Cake Nineteen photo IMG_0671_zps89e59784.jpg
Repeat with the other goal post so you have two. I made two of every step along the way so I had two completed ones at the end.
Football Field Cake Twenty photo IMG_0672_zps2d9481c8.jpg  
 Now frost the cakes. I used Coolwhip Vanilla Frosting. It's in the freezer section of the store by the Coolwhip. It's delicious! I used two entire tubs.
Football Field Cake Twenty One photo IMG_0673_zps1a00542d.jpg
Then spray the cake with Green Food Coloring Spray.
Football Field Cake Twenty Two photo IMG_0675_zpsc30e32ad.jpg
When it first goes on it's shiny and then it turns more matte when it's dry. Here is an up close look. It is super fun to work with and it's so easy!
Football Field Cake Twenty Three photo IMG_0676_zps9de992bd.jpg
Then on the top of the cake I sprinkled a layer of green sprinkles to make it look like turf or grass.
Football Field Cake Twenty Four photo IMG_0677_zps88875216.jpg
And then I very pathetically hand piped on the rows and markings of a football field. I do not have a steady hand yet, so you get what you get... I definitely wouldn't cut it on Cake Boss.
Football Field Cake Twenty Five photo IMG_0678_zps56b49dc5.jpg  
Then take your two goal posts and stick one into each side of the cake in the end zone.
Football Field Cake Twenty Eight photo IMG_0679_zpsf0909109.jpg
Add some birthday candles and you've got yourself a Football Field Birthday Cake.
Football Field Cake Twenty Six photo IMG_0680_zpsd06809de.jpg
Football Field Cake Twenty Seven photo IMG_0681_zpsebf0b021.jpg  


  1. What a fun cake!! All your boys have to do is say what they want - and there it is!! So creative! What a great party for my dear Briz.

  2. Loved your cake post and your goal post idea.

  3. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing:) I'm soo doing this for my son's bday!!:)


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