Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pallet Chalkboard

We all love ourselves a pallet project, right? I wish I could get my hands on a hundred or so of these babies... my husband, he would kill me if I took over our garage with pallets!
I've been wanting a chalkboard for a while now... and I finally sat down and whipped one up. And I LOVE it. I love it so much I've made three! One for a friend, and one for auction at a church youth fundraiser! It sold for $40.00... Not too bad...
Pallet Chalkboard Twenty Three photo IMG_0821_zpsf42cec73.jpg  
Let's get started shall we? Grab a board. Mine happens to the a shelf from the cabinets we got for our garage. My husband was going to throw it away but I made him save it. And I'm so glad that I did!!! Paint the entire front with chalkboard paint.
Pallet Chalkboard One photo IMG_0793_zps326c3a34.jpg 
Now grab some boards from a pallet, or you could use any reclaimed wood, but a pallet is way more fun!!! And way more cool!!! Lay the board up against the side of the chalkboard piece. Make a small mark where the board ends. Cut it to size. Then cut one more for the opposite side of the chalkboard piece.
Pallet Chalkboard Two photo IMG_0794_zps9097df0e.jpg
 Now let's do the other two sides. It's more confusing so bare with me... Take the two boards that you cut in the step above. Put them on the edge of the board so they overlap the board half way and hang off halfway. Then take another board from the pallet and line it up on one of the other sides. Push it clear to the end of the edge of the cut pallet piece. Then mark it at the other end, where my finger is pointing.
Pallet Chalkboard Three photo IMG_0795_zps76f2a72d.jpg 
Also  mark it here on the inside of the already cut piece of pallet.
Pallet Chalkboard Four photo IMG_0796_zps077cff70.jpg  
And mark it here on the other inside of the other piece of pallet that we already cut.
Pallet Chalkboard Five photo IMG_0797_zps4bbf0aea.jpg
Now cut this piece that we have marked on the last marking so it is the length we need it. Then cut at the other two markings. Cut one inch in on that marking. Then from the outside edge of the board cut one inch up until you meet the other cut. Hope that makes sense... Check out the picture below if it doesn't!
Pallet Chalkboard Six photo IMG_0798_zps96b26f81.jpg
Repeat with the other side.
Pallet Chalkboard Seven photo IMG_0805_zps296ed812.jpg  
Now it's time to attach the pallet pieces to make the frame. Turn over the chalkboard piece. Slide one of the straight pallet pieces underneath it on one edge. You want half to be under and half to be hanging off. Attach it with three or four screws. You want the screws to be long enough they go through the entire chalkboard piece and into the pallet pieces but not all the way through so you can see them in the front.
Pallet Chalkboard Eight photo IMG_0806_zps11ba2500.jpg
 Now grab one of the cut out pallet pieces. Slide this underneath on the side next to the one you just attached the pallet piece to.  
Pallet Chalkboard Nine photo IMG_0807_zps09c6eb2e.jpg  
On the opposite end this piece will hang out further than the edge of the chalkboard piece. Just make sure the cut line matches up exactly with the edge of the chalkboard piece.
Pallet Chalkboard Ten photo IMG_0808_zps183b9ba3.jpg  
The other end should match up exactly with the pallet piece that is already attached. Attach this with screws the same way as we did the previous one.
Pallet Chalkboard Eleven photo IMG_0809_zpsce096e41.jpg
If you flip it over it looks like this.
Pallet Chalkboard Twelve photo IMG_0810_zps5d7355e6.jpg  
Now let's do the other side. Take the other cut out pallet piece and slide it underneath. The first edge will match up exactly with the pallet piece that is already screwed on.
Pallet Chalkboard Fifteen photo IMG_0813_zps6d3657a1.jpg 
Remember to make sure the cut out on the other end matches the chalkboard piece.
Pallet Chalkboard Sixteen photo IMG_0814_zps2fb9d7e6.jpg 
Now screw it on through the back just like you did the previous two boards.
Pallet Chalkboard Sixteen photo IMG_0814_zps2fb9d7e6.jpg
The fourth board should slide right in so half of it is sticking out. Screw it on just like the previous three.
Pallet Chalkboard Seventeen photo IMG_0815_zps056cd968.jpg
 Flip it over and you've got this.
Pallet Chalkboard Nineteen photo IMG_0817_zps57178c67.jpg 
Flip it back over. Screw two screws into opposite sides at the same distance from the top edge. Then wrap around some wire and tighten them tight. This will be how you hang it.
Pallet Chalkboard Twenty photo IMG_0818_zpsc5a0b25d.jpg 
Hang it on your wall!
Pallet Chalkboard Twenty One photo IMG_0819_zps3979d24b.jpg 
Add a lovely chalk drawing and you're good to go!!!
Pallet Chalkboard Twenty Four photo IMG_0822_zpsaa27d0b0.jpg 
If you want a little extra something to give it a pop add a felt garland. I just sewed some blue raindrops together and draped it over the top...
Pallet Chalkboard Twenty Five photo IMG_0824_zps21ec4d89.jpg  
Pallet Chalkboard Twenty Six photo IMG_0826_zps130761bb.jpg 
The perfect addition that will match any holiday right by my front door!
Pallet Chalkboard Twenty Seven photo IMG_0827_zps74b8d492.jpg 
Let me know what you think and if you give it a try! I can't wait to share with you what I put on it each month!!!

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