Saturday, December 7, 2013

Large Braided Infinity Scarf

It's the perfect time of year up here in the Pacific Northwest to pull out your scarf collection...
 photo IMG_6727_zpsc09a3e0b.jpg
 A girl can never have too many scarves, right?
 photo IMG_6732_zps24aa29ed.jpg  
And it's even better when you can make them yourselves. I love the texture and the slight shimmer of this Large Braided Infinity Scarf.
 photo IMG_6740_zps53a35d57.jpg  
Would you like to make one? Of course you would! Grab yourself some fabric. I prefer making my infinity scarves out of knit. That way it has a little stretch to it. I found this black knit with metallic threading throughout at Joann's, my second home. You will need 1/2 yard. Keeping the fabric folded in half like when it comes off the bolt cut it in thirds. Each piece should be 6 inches tall.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog1_zps3d0d962f.jpg  
Fold these strips in half length wise and serge (or sew with a zig-zag stitch) along the raw edges.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog2_zps3ad879c1.jpg  
You will now have three really long tubes.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog3_zps80b2f3df.jpg  
Turn them right sides out.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog4_zps90c9b9ee.jpg  
Lay the three tubes on top of each other. Pin one side of the ends together. Braid the three tubes together all the way to the end.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog5_zps41999a7d.jpg  
Now take one tube from each end and match them up right sides together.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog6_zps8a28a23d.jpg  
Slowly sew them together leaving a small opening.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog7_zps0f757d0d.jpg  
Pull so they are right sides out. Tuck the opening in.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog8_zps940492ab.jpg  
Using a needle and thread hand stitch the opening closed. Repeat with the other two remaining tubes.
 photo October292013BraidedScarfForShannonsBlog9_zps4d815af9.jpg  
 And you have yourself a Large Braided Infinity Scarf. You can wear it long or you can double it up as I have.
 photo IMG_6731_zpsc029e10d.jpg
Let me know if you give it a try. I would love to see what you come up with! 

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  1. VERY cute! I hate that I am SO fashion challenged!!


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